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Meepcraft Reforms - CasualNuker & InfernoJack

Discussion in 'Denied' started by CasualNuker, Mar 15, 2019.

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    Hello Players of Meepcraft. We have decided to suggest something that will probably be unpopular with most players, or what’s left of the players. Overall, We believe that this will benefit the community in the long term because Meep has been under some challenging few years and we believe that Meepcraft hasn’t adapted enough to regain our once loyal players/customers. The reputation of Meepcraft has also been under threat due to fear of change amongst staff and old players, but don’t take that as an insult please, we just want the best for Meepcraft as I’m sure you all do. We will go into explaining our idea in a moment. So our idea is removing all the current servers on Meepcraft except Towny, Skyblock, Kitpvp and Creative. Making those fourservers our “Core Aspect” of Meepcraft. However, we do recognise that some minigames need to be kept in order to satisfy some players however at the moment we have laggy games that are still in development stage.

    Towns would become to “Main Aspect” of MeepCraft as it currently is. We would like to see Towny War, Custom Mob Fights, Mob Bosses and Furniture (such as the Furniture Lib Plugin). TOWNS WOULD NOT BE FORCED TO PARTICIPATE. Custom Mobs such as enhanced zombies would make fighting mobs a whole lot of fun! Furniture could include Chairs, Tables, Catapults, Crossbows and Christmas Trees! Overall we think towns could be made into a whole lot of fun with these major changes!

    Skyblock would be our second priority on Meepcraft. Skyblock would be getting a total reset I know Skyblock fans your kinda sad but hang on for a second! With a fresh Skyblock we would be adding Custom Islands! Along with Boss Mobs every 30 minutes! The Custom Islands could include islands such as Farmhouse, Lighthouse or Fortress. Bosses could be for example Giant Zombie, OP-Creeper or a Spider Jockey that shoots fire.

    Creative would be our third priority for Meepcraft. We would add World Edit access for Premium and higher ranks, we could also allow voting for an hour of worldedit access in order to make it fair for new and unranked players who may be unable to pay for ranks due to their financial situation.. Along with adding larger plots which means a Creative Plot reset which wouldn’t be that bad.

    Since KitPVP was just remodeled and made clean I would suggest that no changes be made here currently other than maybe a new map once the plugin development has been completed etc.

    Finally as part of the reform, we would need to look towards changing the image of Meepcraft and aiming away from the stigma that comes with the word “Meepcraft” for ex-players. The first step into doing this successfully, I would suggest, is to change the name of the server. We have had a long discussions about suggesting this but in our eyes we believe this is the only viable option. The Meepcraft website is nice and all but the theme isn't practical anymore. I would suggest going to a clean cut modern website that is nice since that's what players want now. We would also need to change the logo to fit our new theme. Since the logo is outdated by several years and needs to be flashy to draw attention on voting websites. I would propose using this theme Sodium - XenForo 2 Style as it is very ultra modern which will draw in players. For Meep’s GIF logo for voting banners we would use Laser Lights this is a very prominent site to buy graphics from so we trust it will look amazing. This would need to be done at the very last stage of the reform otherwise players will be attracted to a half developed server and leave. These links are just suggestions but we both believe a modern theme is needed.

    In terms of ranks, we believe they should stay the same at the moment as you guys paid for them with your hard earned money and we do not feel like we should take that away. In addition, the rank system that is currently in place works from our perspective

    This is all we are going to suggest on the forums, we recommend you message us because we can help you understand all of our ideas and address any questions you may have with it. I would encourage staff to message us if you feel like you want more info just like any players. If you like this can you like this post please! Feel free to comment with any questions or concerns!

    Thank you for reading! - @CasualNuker & @InfernoJack

    • CasualNuker’s Comments- I have experience in running minecraft servers to their fullest potential and will; always strive to suggest things that will benefit the whole community.

    • InfernoJack’s Comments - I have knowledge and expertise in the business field as I am studying this so I am able to help in anyway I can in terms of the theory behind everything.
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    Denied - mass suggestions are auto denied. Please create separate threads.
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