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MeepTimes #30

Discussion in 'News' started by Kling, Apr 14, 2017.

  1. Kling

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    Misbehaving once again

    Welcome to The MeepTimes, the twice-monthly update to keep the community in the loop with what’s new, behind the scenes, and in the works. This will be published every other Friday.​

    Server Updates

    Infected Trailer

    Thanks to our brilliant media team, it is a pleasure to release the trailer for our new Infected! Infected Trailer | Meepcraft.com

    Discord Music
    All users can now enjoy Dyno’s music again (We finally convinced Kling not to hog it)! Use ?play (song) (artist)

    Discord Command
    Whether you need to join for the first time or misplaced the link, doing /discord will allow you to rejoin the official Meep Discord!

    New Maps
    Two of a few captured

    Storytime with the Crew - SURPRISE PARTY

    4 days away, she thought. It was only 4 days until Midnight’s 19th birthday and she was so excited. Mid loved her birthday, not just for the presents, but because she got to spend time with the people she cared the most about. Every year, she would get together with all her friends and family to have a great time filled with laughter, singing, and especially cake. However, this year was different; usually people would be coming up to her and talking to her about how excited they were to celebrate her day with her, but this year there was nothing. It almost seemed like everyone had completely forgotten! ‘Oh well,’ Midnight thought, ‘I’m sure they couldn’t have forgotten…’

    Everyone knew how much birthdays meant to Midnight. They knew how caring she was about others so this year, all of her friends decided to team up and throw her the biggest party ever. But this wasn’t no ordinary party, no... it was a surprise party! Midnight’s friends knew they had a big task at hand, keeping this secret was not going to be easy. Everyone in the group had their own individual jobs, spreading the word, ensuring it was kept a secret, getting the food, and much more.

    “Hey, you! Make sure you come to Midnight’s surprise party in 3 days! And make sure not to let midnight know” Grevous exclaimed to a group of meepers as he was in charge of spreading the news. He repeated this to everyone he saw, always being careful that Midnight was not around. He had gone to speak to one of Midnight’s friends, Vampire, about the party. However, he didn’t notice that she was also walking over.

    “Hey, Vamp, you going to make it on Saturday?” Grevous asked.

    “Yea, man, of course,” Vampire responded.

    Midnight had heard and was confused as to what they could be doing on her birthday, she hadn’t heard anything.

    “Hey guys, whatcha talking about?” she asked, clearly confused.

    Grevous panicked, frantically looking around until he noticed Flame lurking in the shadows; Flame was in charge of ensuring the party was kept top secret. Grevous looked back and forth between Midnight and Flame hoping Flame would understand there had been a slip up. He noticed Midnight was becoming even more confused.

    “Flame my buddy, Midnight was just asking what we were talking about.”

    Realising the situation flame jumped into action.

    “Ohhh that, nothing you need to worry about, now come on guys, let’s go,” He said dragging Vampire and Grevous away from a suspicious Midnight.

    ‘I wonder what they have planned to do on my birthday’ Midnight said to herself.

    It was now the eve of the big party and Midnight’s birthday, and it was time to start prepping the food. Kling was in charge of that, clearly it was the best choice. He was going to ensure there were cakes on every table and double the amount of chicken needed, simply because….. Chicken.

    Midnight was on one of her random walks and smelt something. Curious, she followed the scent until she saw Kling cooking,

    “Oh, that smells good!” she said. Surprised, Kling lept back and dropped the chicken he was holding.

    “Jeez, woman! Don’t scare me like that, look at this poor innocent chicken breast that now has to go to waste!” Kling exclaimed frowning down at his precious…… Chicken.

    “What’s all the food for?” Midnight said, giggling.

    Unsure of what to say, Kling looked around and spotted Flame lurking in the shadows.

    “Oh ya know, just cooking because why not, aye flame?” Kling hinted.

    “Oh yes, just cooking, come along now, Kling!” Flame said dragging him away.

    “BUT MY CHICKEN IS COOKING!” Kling raged as he was pulled away.

    Unsure of what she had just witnessed, Midnight went on her way, growing considerably more uneasy that people had forgotten.

    Whilst everyone was rushing around ensuring everything was ready, Midnight was thinking about the past few days. About how all her friends had been avoiding her, no one was talking to her, they had turned and walked in the opposite direction and pretended she didn’t exist. Reality was starting to hit her, they really had forgotten.


    It was the eve of her birthday. The air was silent, everyone had left; Midnight was alone with her thoughts. She pondered what tomorrow would bring, if they had all actually forgotten. Whilst she walked this cobble road she thought about her friends, their strange actions over the week and wondered if they had truly forgotten. Midnight was dragged out of her head after something caught on her shoe almost making her fall flat on her face.

    “God, I’m so clumsy!” she muttered to herself. Little did Midnight know, this was the calm before the storm, tomorrow was going to come as a shock.


    Everything was ready, all that was needed now was for someone to bring Midnight to the location and Ellie had set out searching for her. She found her sat on the dock looking out.

    “Hey, Mid!” Ellie said, smiling.

    “Heya,” Midnight replied.

    “I have something I’d like you to see,” Ellie said, smiling encouragingly.

    “It’s not like I have anything else to do, so sure, what is it?” Midnight asked confused.

    Ellie, who had already begun walking, turned and winked at her friend.

    “You’ll see.”

    Ellie led the confused Midnight back the location and knocked on the door once, signalling for everyone to hide. Giving them a minute, Ellie turned to look at Midnight and smiled. Midnight smiled back, confused at what was happening. Ellie turned back towards the the door and pulled it open. Inside revealed a black room. Midnight, barely stepping into the threshold, looked back and starting to question what was going on. However, she was stopped short when Ellie proceeded to shove her inside, only slightly forcefully. The lights were turned on, momentarily blinding Midnight.


    Overwhelmed by the sudden noise and excitement, Midnight fell to her knees.

    “You didn't forget? None of you forgot?” Ellie appeared in front of Midnight, crouched down and took Mid’s hands in hers.

    “How could we forget?” Smiling, Midnight used Ellie’s hands to pull herself up and looked around the room at all of her friends. She felt blessed for the effort that they had gone to for her.

    “Thank you, guys.” Midnight said, genuinely happy.

    Kirby, who thought he had been patient enough, decided it was time to turn up the music.


    THE END!​

    Humans Of MeepCraft - Feat. The Meeptimes Writers

    What inspired your name?
    I thought it’d look really cool to be a flaming demon, however my mind screwed up the spelling of the word demon and made demond, genius I know. And so flamedemond1 was born! I then also managed to screw up the confirmation email associated with that name, so I restarted and made flamedemond2. - flamedemond2

    Originally, my name was kcschmidt. No, that is not my name, or has to do with it. It was more or less random pounding on the keyboard by my younger brother, because we shared the account when it was first purchased in 2012. I had played the server for a few months, and decided to try parkour. I tried completing Flower. Within three days, I had changed my name to this. - CluelessKlutz

    My name actually took me a while to come up with, i wanted something unique but yet reflected my personality as well. It’s different and that’s me in a nutshell, i like to strive to be different and unique. When i chose my name i wanted to combine some of my favourite things, Night time and the solar system, hence how i came up with Midnight_Galaxy and yes it isn’t the most feminine but it’s me. - Midnight_Galaxy

    It's my name twice. - EllieEllie

    When I first made my minecraft account, I hadn’t thought about a name at all, so when my father asked me what name I would like to have, I was caught really off guard. So, I just went through the names of characters in books I had recently read - but, of course, my favourite ones were already taken. I kept looking and eventually found a name that no one else had tried to make theirs yet - Cherrykit. Although she is only a side character in the Warriors series, the name stuck and even after going through other names, I always came back to it. - Cherrykit

    My name is Kieran Ling so since Kling was taken I jotted the o. ~Kling

    What was your favorite edition of the Meeptimes released?
    My favourite Issue of The times, it’s a major cross between the 20th and the previous edition, the 29th. What i liked about the 20th was because i really enjoyed coming up with the special feature ideas that we included. However, i really enjoyed working alongside @Flamedemond2 writing the story for the previous edition. -Midnight

    I don't really have a favourite edition, I see the work that has been put into every one I've been a part of and it makes me so proud to be involved. If I had to choose though, probably 29. Interviewing Martha was lovely and I enjoyed reading the story when it was done. - Ellie

    Being part of only 1 previous Meeptimes, I’d have to say #29 was my favourite. I had a lot of fun working with @Midnight_Galaxy when it came to writing the story. One of the only times where writing was actually fun, and it’s thanks to her. - flame

    Honestly, I love writing portions of every edition. It’s a nice little way to spend an evening in bed writing. Not an easy question to answer, honestly. One that I always go back to as a good memory was the process during the writing of #23, because we had originally decided not to do one that time. Then, on Thursday, it was decided to try and put one together, so that mad dash to write it sticks out to me still. - CK

    I enjoy writing generally, but especially stories, which is why I would say that the 20th edition was my favourite - I had a lot of fun coming up and writing a story for that edition, especially since I usually write stories that are a lot longer. However, I also had lots of fun putting together the 7th edition, which was released on April 1st last year. - Cherrykit

    All of the editions that include myself. ~Kling

    What is it like as staff in general?
    Most days are just plain fun, because you know you’re trying your hardest to do something. When you’ve been doing it for a while, things become second nature, and it’s comfortable to handle things. Most days are pretty tame, but every so often you need to deal with someone. I don’t know anything that it can really be compared to. Still, in the good days and the bad, it is both a pleasure and an honor to have the opportunity to serve. - CK

    Oh gosh, I love being staff because you get to help such an amazing group people and really become immersed in the community. Some days are hard but the majority of the job is fun. Being staff is a rewarding experience because you get to see your ideas come to life, and have everyone love them (hopefully). Being staff is like being a part of a family we all look out for eachother. I have been staff for almost a good year, and i have seen the team grow and mold into such a awesome group of people who truly love the server and making it such a amazing place. I wouldn’t change it for the world, i love it. -MG

    For me, I still consider myself as being quite new to the staff team and Meepcraft in general, although it is coming up to my 1 year anniversary of playing. I love meeting new people and also getting to know everyone; when we help people, it's a range of answering questions for the newer players but also people that have been playing for quite a while (the latter is less often, admittedly). For me, this is a perfect time to welcome new players and get them settled, but also get to know people I might not have spoken to much before. I know that I have the capacity to help more than I did before and I've learned so much about the server in the process. It's been a really fun experience in general, I love every single day so it's hard to describe it in an overall way. I just think every day is unique and I'm glad to be a part of it. - Ellie

    What being staff is like, for me at least, is finding ways to make a positive contribution to the server. It’s an amazing feeling to know you’ve helped someone just for the sake of helping them, with no personal gain. Because of the many different aspects of the server, it takes a high understanding of things to know how to properly help someone. It’s rewarding to see the almost 5 years of experience I have with the server, play a factor in how I help others. - flame

    Being staff has been quite an experience for me - especially since I never really wanted to be on the staff team until a year ago, when I first became helper. Even though I wasn’t on the staff team for long then, I really just enjoyed being able to assist people and do something for the server. During my time as moderator, I learned a lot about handling people and working as a part of a team in general. Now, I am thrilled to be able to be a part of the team again, even though I have a very different job now. While I do miss my work as a moderator, I greatly enjoy being able to make new features for the server and especially practicing my coding and making plugins that will be useful and used on a server. I haven’t been back on the team for long, but I hope to continue my work for the server and become a part of the staff team again. - Cherrykit

    A walk in the park, It’s all about having a good time and not swinging your ban hammer like a madman. ~Kling

    What is your favorite memory on the server?
    It's so hard to choose; initially, seeing the way Legend has expanded from 30-50 people into 400 residents. When I joined the town, everyone was building a house and we had this exciting new place to call our own and build up from scratch. Seeing it grow into what it is today, through our hard work and effort that we’ve put in, is incredible. This memory is probably a tie with the actual server reset in January. Seeing everyone come together and older players coming back to the server has been lovely to be a part of. The reset itself was my final prompt into applying for staff, I wanted to help people in this new era of Meep and also explore where we could take it as a part of the staff team. - Ellie

    This server has given me so many memories that picking just one would be unfair. I have made so many friends from all over the world, i have had the opportunity to be apart of a community of people who are so kind and unique and if it wasn’t for this server i would not have had that chance. I am such a quiet natured person but being a part of this server has really pushed me to open up and be a better version of myself. So my favourite memory is the community in general because that is something i will never forget, i will never forget how everyone is so welcoming and so open to be friends with everyone. -MG

    You know, I’ve had so many good times on the server. I’ve only been here for a little over a year now, and so much as changed. Together, we’ve gone through the Eula debacle, the addition of Gamma, forced reset in January, created all new towns, released new minigames, changed to Discord, added countless plugins, fixed hundreds of bugs, written new chapters of the server’s story, two new Creative worlds, three different spawns, updates to 1.9, 1.10, and 1.11, revival of dozens of projects like the social media, so many events in the community, and thousands of hours put into the projects. It seems so short of a time compared to those who have been around longer, but I cannot imagine a day without logging on. One of my personal favorites was the time I logged on one day back in August. I’ll never forget just how many people lit up by just me saying a simple, “Hey.” It floors me to think how little old me could make a difference for so many with a single word on a computer screen. - CK

    Oh boy, looking back just about 5 years, I’ve definitely had some amazing moments with meep. Picking one moment out of so many is so difficult, but I would have to say my favourite was back in 2012. I had just joined a new town, TheEditson’s town for anyone who might still remember him, and I became really good friends with his brother TurnerPaps. Together, we built a massive grinder, which at the time was the biggest on the server. I stayed up many nights grinding away at the grinder…. - flame

    Looking back, I probably made the most friends and had the most fun while pvping. Until I took a break from meep after my time as moderator, I spent almost my whole time on the server in kitpvp. There, I spent hours just having fun and getting to know the other players. Really, I only stayed on the server because of the many friends I made along the way which have made this server truly unique to me. I wouldn’t want to choose one memory, it was the fact that I could log onto the server and always have someone to talk to and have fun with that made me stay on here until today. - Cherrykit

    There are a few fond memories. One being the Aussie timezone, it could have been disastrous having me be part of the chaotic bunch and it was absolutely beaut! Before I joined Teamspeak I thought it was going to be full of screaming young teens but when I joined there were a lot of players that were decent and we had some great times. Being there for others is another one, Meep has a lot of people that play to get away from real life problems and it is always great to make your time on Meep more enjoyable. My demotion was also a ripper, bloody hell I had enough salt to match the dead sea but it was great seeing my mate having a go and being told they’ll be kicked/banned because they wouldn’t shut their yaps. Cheers for the support, we bounced back. ~Kling

    Anything else you’d like to add?
    Thank you, everyone, for making the server an amazing community to be a part of and to the staff team for giving me a chance to make all the above possible. Eggooo. - Ellie

    Everyone on this server is amazing, you have all touched me, and I am so grateful to have the chance to be a member of this amazing staff team, and hope to continue on and grow. You’re amazing! -Midnight

    I have never, and I mean never, experienced anything like the time I’ve gotten to spend with everyone is something I will never forget as long as I live. It reaches deep into me. Life has its ups and downs, but I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of something so much bigger than just me, which has always been there when I’m struggling with something. Thank you, and have fun! - Clueless

    Thank you to everyone on the server for giving me a place I can go to and just talk to people, something I could always count on being there for me when times were rough. I would also like to thank everyone who has helped me and talked to me when I was feeling sad or depressed, all of you have helped me find out who I truly am and made me feel happier due to that. - Cherrykit

    I will be here until the staff team get sick of me. Get on discord and have a chat even if you are shy she’ll be right, you may eventually get the confidence to talk. If anything I probably will be in a group that are listening to me being a dag so join in and have some banter. Cheers to everyone who has been a part of the server while I’ve been playing, let’s continue to have a beaut time. ~Kling

    Welcomes and Farewells

    We would like to take a moment to wish @MegaStufOreo and @MoonlitMadness the best of luck and thank them for all their hard work on the server.

    A huge congratulations to @Flamedemond2 for his deserved promotion to moderator!

    Social Media!

    Be sure to follow us on our social media platforms to get sneak peaks and be kept up to date on all things meep!


    Get involved with the MeepTimes

    With every release of the paper we will pick a cover photo and a (free) advertisement submitted by the community. The owner of each piece of content will receive 4,000 meebles and have their name featured in the article, below their content. Fill out the form here to submit content. Happy Meeping!

    The next issue of The MeepTimes will be released April 28 2017! See you then!
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    as they always say 1st comment is the worst and 2nd is the best and 3rd is the one with the hairy chest. sorry Marshy and whoever comments next.
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    thanks for having me on the team, it was my pleasure, love u xo
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    let's take a moment to realize we said farewell to megastuforeo twice
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    This is one of the better meeptimes imo, Gj :)
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    Ayeeeee good to hear!

    Nice work guys
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    I feel special to have been thanked in both this and issue #29. Lit.
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    No matter how many times we say thank you it will never be enough.

    @Imperfectly ;D
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    I really enjoyed this edition of the Meeptimes.
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    You suck !!!
    u are poo !!

    Ok there

    (Jk I love u xo)
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    needs more chicken

    (Loved it :D)
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    Loved the story :)! Great job guys
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    neat idea with the interviews
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    if chicken is mentioned, I am summoned

    who cooked chicken

    i want some
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    i love how all the other staff are saying cutest things then theres kling
    i love you.

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