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Meeptimes #51: The Towns Edition

Discussion in 'News' started by CluelessKlutz, Mar 4, 2018.

  1. CluelessKlutz

    CluelessKlutz Badmin Staff Member Administrator

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    The new /warp towns is in full swing!

    Welcome to The MeepTimes, the twice-monthly update to keep the community in the loop with what’s new, behind the scenes, and in the works.

    Community Events
    Kling’s Pwarp Contest
    Ever wanted to make your own pwarp, but never had the money? Well now you can win one! Simply build a location for a pwarp, and enter it in to be judged by @Kling, and you may just win a pwarp! See here for details.

    Creepersareokay’s Parkour Speedrun

    Test your mettle and skills by beating a time in parkour! See thread for details.

    Server Updates

    Updated /warp towns
    The area you first appear in the towns world at has been updated! See the Project for details about this.

    /warp jobs

    The jobs leaderboard and area has been updated! Visit /warp jobs to see the top of the board and info about jobs.

    Storytime with the Crew - I Just Work Here

    You know when you’re sure something just doesn’t seem right but you can’t put your finger on it? That’s how Madison had been feeling over the past few weeks. She couldn’t quite figure out what it was but something was weird. At least, weirder than the usual Meepcraft weird.

    It started with a seemingly normal conversation involving a few players in spawn, two of which were Meepcraft staff members. One was CluelessKlutz, the Mayor of the town Madison lived in. The other was LordInateur. Now, this wasn’t especially odd since Madison and Clueless spoke quite frequently. It was the fact that Lord had twice interrupted what he was saying in order to say, “Welcome to Meep!” even though no one had joined the server. Madison had asked Lord if he was broken, laughing. What she didn’t see was the nervous look that Clueless had on his face when she asked.

    Since then, there had been a few occasional mishaps involving Lord, some players even said he might have lost his proverbial marbles. Since Clueless hung around with Lord quite a bit and Madison was good friends with Clueless, she ended up being around Lord more than she usually would. She began to notice little things, similar to him saying “Welcome to Meep!” mid-sentence. It started rather small.

    “-fixed sooner rather than later.” Madison had approached Clueless and Lord at the tail-end of their conversation. It seemed Clueless was mumbling more to himself rather than his counterpart though, which confused her. Clue was a bit odd by all accounts but to have a conversation with himself was something she’d not seen before.

    “I just work here.” Lord stated, one of his few well-used phrases.

    “Hi, you two. Been up to much recently?” Madison smiled at the pair, Clueless was looking at her a little sheepishly.

    “Nothing of great importance, just little bits here and there. We’re working on some projects too but we need to finalize some details.” He grinned and winked.

    “I just work here.” Madison looked at Lord, absolutely positive he’d just said that.

    “Yeah, I know that. You’ve been here a while now.” Madison laughed at him and Clue joined her, though it was a bit forced.

    “I just work here.”

    “Aaaaalrighty then,” Madison looked to Clue for some sort of answer as to why Lord was acting strangely, yet none was offered.

    “We should probably get going, we have some stuff to attend to. Come on, Lord.” Clue warped to who knows where, leaving Madison to puzzle over what exactly had just happened.

    “I just-“ Lord then disappeared after Clue. Madison frowned, not quite sure what to make of it all. What she didn’t know was that Clue had used his /tphere command to warp Lord to him.


    The next week, Madison was wondering what all of her friends were up to so she decided to just fly around Legend so she could have a birds-eye view.

    She spotted MasterofBoom walking along with a rather alarming amount of TNT but decided it was probably better not to mention it or get involved in whatever he had planned.

    “Hi Madi!” She heard someone shout below and saw CuddlyKittens was waving at her from the ground. Madison descended to the floor and gave Cuddly a quick hug.

    “Hi, Cuddly. How’re you today?”

    “I am great, thank you. My cat is just being the absolute cutest today, she is adorable.” Madison smiled at the member of staff and had a look at the picture Cuddly was showing her.

    “100% adorable, Cuddly,” She agreed. “Hey, can I ask a quick question?”

    “Sure, go ahead!”

    “You wouldn’t happen to have noticed anything weird with Lord recently, would you? It’s just that whenever I see him he seems a little… Well, he seems to be not all there, if you know what I mean.” Madison looked at her hopefully, her curiosity peaking.

    “OH, sorry what was that? Yes, of course I can help you.” Cuddly promptly warped away, Madison looked around but had no idea who Cuddly had just been speaking to. How odd.

    A couple of hours after this, Madison was walking through Spawn unsure why staff members seemed to suddenly be avoiding her. She’d spotted the blonde hair of smkorpi earlier but as soon as she’d shouted hello, he had warped away. She just couldn’t put her finger on what was wrong. All she wanted to know was if Lord was alright.

    “Fuzzlr, we need to sort this out sooner rather than later, some of the players have been asking questions.” Clue was pacing up and down staff spawn, thinking of various scenarios and solutions their problem could lead to.

    “Without knowing where the real LordInateur has gone, this is the best thing we can do right now. We can’t let the players know.” CooleysWorld spoke up from his seat round the table, tiredly rubbing his eyes with his hands.

    “I know but the bot is broken, look!” Clue waved his arm in Lord’s general direction and Fuzzlr pulled the cloth up from over his head.

    “Welcome to Meep! I just work here. Have you tried turning it off and back on again? MEEEEEEMES.” Fuzzlr quickly replaced the cloth. Clue was holding his head in his hands.

    “We’ll have to see if Klutch can fix the bot, but under no circumstances can you tell anyone that Lord is missing, Meep depends on it.” Fuzzlr logged off and left Cooleys and Clue to try and think of a story to tell the curious players.

    “What on earth are we going to do?” Clue sat opposite Cooleys, pulling a bottle of water from his bag.

    “I am unsure. On the one hand, if we can get this bot fixed then we have a little more time to figure out where on earth Lord is. On the other… Well, I really hope it doesn’t come to that.”


    Madison, meanwhile, had come across a group of people in Towns Spawn and they were discussing the very thing that was on Madison’s mind.

    “He’s been acting really strangely recently. I said hi to him and he shouted something about memes and boats then started spinning.” agnd looked bemused, the unusual behavior baffling him. Sure, Lord was a bit… interesting anyway but this was wildly out of character.

    “I’ve noticed it too, I saw him digging a hole straight down in Wild, like he was afk and just continued to left-click. He fell in some lava and died.” Viperfan acknowledged agnd, sharing that he too had had some odd experiences with Lord.

    “Guys, are you talking about Lord?” Madison made her presence known, walking into the tavern.

    “Hey, Madi, yeah we’ve just been noticing some weird things lately. Not sure what to make of it and staff are being pretty quiet when we ask.” Viper stated, smiling at her.

    “He’s sounded like a broken record whenever I’ve seen him, and I’ve never seen him alone. He’s always been with another staff member. I’m really worried.” Me64 said, which pretty much mirrored what Madison had been experiencing.

    The four of them carried on their discussion until late evening, still not quite sure what was going on but one scenario kept popping up for everyone. They really hoped they weren’t right.

    The Project - Towns Spawn


    What is the Towns Spawn Project?

    The Towns Spawn Project is an update to the /warp towns area that greatly improves the aesthetic of not only the spawn itself, but the entire area around it.

    Who was involved in this project?

    @Candy_Master lead the architectural efforts of building this project.

    @CluelessKlutz assisted in the building and implementation process.

    @Kling helped build the marketplace.

    @LordInateur implemented the project into the towns world.

    Let’s talk!

    What was your role in this project?
    Building the main designs and planning where they go. - @Candy_Master

    My role was assisting in the building process and the base ideas for what needed to be included, and then implementing the project in. - @CluelessKlutz

    Which part is your personal favorite?

    If I’m honest, my favorite part has to be the way the build blends the others in around it. - @CluelessKlutz

    I liked the tower most because I could pack the most detail as I wanted into it. - @Candy_Master

    What kind of ideas were you looking to add?
    I was really hoping to improve the building over the last one because it felt very small compared to all the towns we have on this server.

    Just something new and prettier than the last one. - @Candy_Master

    Do you like the result?

    Yes, I do. - @Candy_Master

    I’m thrilled with the overall result. - @CluelessKlutz

    Anything else you’d like to add?

    I hope players enjoy the result as much as I do, and I’m glad to have been a part in creating this. - @CluelessKlutz

    I only broke the creative server once during this project. - @Candy_Master

    Humans Of MeepCraft - Feat. @Bobius

    You are a returning player, what brought you back to Meepcraft?
    Well.. I was playing on my own singleplayer world and then I decided to pop onto Meep then I started to play longer and longer and longer haha. I like the community as well as building shops and the towns server is one of the best I have ever seen!

    I’ve seen you have placed a pwarp submission for the contest, it’s going to be a store correct?

    It was yes, but now I have a pwarp someone gave me. I keep forgetting to remove that post, I am currently working on fixing it up. It does not have a name yet or at least an official one, I’m selling enchanted books.

    Besides Towny are there any other servers you like on Meep?

    Yeah, boomo and CTF are my favourites. I am also hoping hunger games, capture the flag and kitpvp will return soon.

    How would you feel if capture the flag had changes?

    Honestly I’d like it just how it used to be, not to say I wouldn’t like it with changes, I just think it was fine by itself.

    Besides Meepcraft what are some other interests or hobbies you have?

    I like to write stories and sing, someday I hope to publish a book.

    An aspiring author on Meep interesting! Is there a particular genre you stick to and is there a current story you are writing?

    Realistic fiction and sometimes dystopian. Well at the moment I am writing the world without music where the government keeps banning stuff and they ban music, the female lead protests.

    I hope Meep can see some of your work in the future, is there anything else you would like to add?

    Meepcraft is my favourite server!

    Welcomes and Farewells

    We welcome back @smkorpi as he returns to the team, and a congratulations to @CluelessKlutz for his long-awaited promotion to Admin! Good luck to you both!

    We also bid farewell to @OKNEM and thank him for his dedication and effort as a helper!

    Social Media!

    Be sure to follow us on our social media platforms to get sneak peaks and be kept up to date on all things Meep!

    Instagram! - @officialmeepcraftmc

    Facebook! - @meepcraftmc

    Get involved with the MeepTimes

    With every release of the MeepTimes, we pick a cover photo submitted by the community, and now, ! The owner of each piece of content selected will receive a 5,000 meeble reward. To submit a cover photo for the next release of the MeepTimes, send a private message to @CluelessKlutz. Happy Meeping!

    The next issue of The MeepTimes will be released March 16, 2018! See you then!

    This issue was created by @CluelessKlutz @EllieEllie @Kling
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  2. Noahnda

    Noahnda Popular Meeper Staff Member Helper

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    Nice work on this edition! Great read.
  3. Its_Madison

    Its_Madison Professional Nerd

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    I love the Meeptimes story! I think this is the first time I've been included in a Meeptimes edition in a while.

    The new /warp towns spawn looks great. Nice job guys!
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2018
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  4. SpongeyStar

    SpongeyStar Professor in Wumbology

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    I just work here


    wonderful addition! I love the new towns spawn!
  5. riri30

    riri30 Professional Napper Staff Member Mod

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    Great edition guys, as always.
    It’s always a pleasure to read this.
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  6. boombox123

    boombox123 Popular Meeper

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    The new towns spawn looks good!
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  7. _Ners

    _Ners Popular Meeper

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    Great job on the news spawn! I really enjoyed the medieval feel it gives you!
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  8. Courtneyyy

    Courtneyyy Admin Princess

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    Great edition you guys! Looks superb as always.
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  9. LordInateur

    LordInateur Resident Plugin-Breaker Staff Member Administrator

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    For the record, I do just work here.
  10. SpongeyStar

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    no u don't, ur a towel.
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  11. smk

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  12. Pmx728

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    I like the new towns spawn. Nice job guys
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  13. Nanniro

    Nanniro Popular Meeper

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    I really enjoyed this edition! Lovely work everyone!
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  14. PrestigeTom

    PrestigeTom Well-Known Meeper

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    The Town Spawn looks epic! Good work
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  15. CasualNuker

    CasualNuker Popular Meeper

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    The old spawn was wierd compared to the epic builds of Legend Roxy Admin and etc have built around it so this new one is just epic
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