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MeepTimes #59

Discussion in 'News' started by smk, Jun 23, 2018.

  1. smk

    smk Celebrity Meeper

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    Alphaprime1212 presiding over his underwater town, Hydropolis.

    Welcome to The MeepTimes, the twice-monthly update to keep the community in the loop with what’s new, behind the scenes, and in the works.​

    Server Updates
    Parkour Prizes
    Parkour prizes have been increased!

    Vote Command
    Running /vote in towny will now send you to spawn!

    Community/Server Events
    Mystical Olympics Archery Tournament
    The Mystical Olympics continue with the ongoing archery tournament! See @qazini for more!

    Story-time with the Crew ft. Just as Beautiful Backwards by @smk

    Black and still.

    Flying backwards through the wind into the hands of my beautiful daughter.

    Tears and darkness.

    Complete and total darkness.

    From fire my body returns. The flames bringing back my skin and bones, bit by bit. Nerves reconnecting and the skin completing itself. Suddenly my hair grew back. My jet black hair wild as I lay inside that furnace.

    I’m suddenly pulled out, feet first, and moved into a van.

    They take me and put me in a casket and put me in the funeral home. Everybody is there. Slowly the crying people disperse, and the only person left is my loving daughter. Her tears seem to riddle the floor in front of my coffin.

    Don’t cry, my little baby girl. We all knew this would happen someday.

    But it happened too soon.

    Soon she was gone as well, and the coroner was removing my casket from the room. He changed me out of my funeral attire and back into the black suit I had on before. Oddly there was a red bloody stain draped across the abdomen of my shirt. I couldn’t figure out why that was there, but again I was moving backwards.

    I was brought into an ambulance, and dropped off in the middle of the street by stretcher. After the ambulance departed, a bullet came back through my chest and flew all the way back to a man in front of me with a pistol. I look left and see my beautiful daughter just getting out of the building, her wedding dress so crisp and new.

    How terrible I would be shot on my daughter’s wedding day.

    It just didn’t seem fair.

    I walked back into the church and saw my daughter get married. Her white dress long and tedious to make, the veil covering her face for the majority of the ceremony. Everybody was so happy for the couple, I was so happy.

    Suddenly thinks started to speed up.

    I saw happy, and sad.

    First I saw my wife’s dog Bella die of old age. I may have died to the gunman, but part of me died with that pug.

    Even farther back and I’m opening my anniversary card from my wife, tears streaming down my face. All of her cards held the same message.

    My tears floated back into my eyes, and suddenly I saw her in the bed.

    There was a constant ringing. A deafening silence, and then the doctor’s were talking to me about the news.

    They offered their condolences and told me that she was in a better place. She died of cancer at the age of 39.

    Life slowed down. I loved looking in my wife’s eyes and seeing her beauty. The whole while she was dying, but I was here for her the whole time.

    Battling for five years, I had tried everything. I watched as the chemo was taken back, as if all my attempts at saving her were being taken away, as if I never truly helped her.

    I look back another year, and we’re in the doctor's office getting the news. She cries into my shoulder, and I tell her everything will be alright.

    My journey finally sped up again. My baby was shrinking and getting younger again.

    I watched every softball game of hers in reverse. From her last pitch of little league all the way to her first time hitting the ball. I smiled as I remembered how much she enjoyed softball. I saw myself cheering from the stands in every single memory.

    Next came her first steps. She seemed to be falling the whole while, but every time she fell she would get back up again. I got the chance to watch my daughter grow up again, and for that I am forever grateful.

    Back into another hospital room and I am beaming. I’m holding this little bundle of blankets, and we decided we were going to name her Sara. We had been trying to have a baby for a few years, and finally we had Sara.

    The smile soon left my face as I went back more.

    Work had decided to cut people, and I was one of them. I flew through fifteen years of working for this company, and the only thing that lasted with me was how they fired me.

    The only happy part of my life at this point was meeting and dating Elizabeth. I adored my wife like any women deserved, and it was evident even as we were young in the relationship.

    We danced and relaxed. Just being in each other's presence with enough.

    Eventually I got to when we first met. I had seen her from across the library while in college, and she had me starstruck. She was so beautiful.

    But instead of feeling amazing at this beautiful moment, we went back to highschool.

    I winced and blood seeped back into my skin. The tool replacing and fixing my skin as it ran across gently. My pictures had been everywhere. She had burned me.

    Tears were streaming down my face, the years of harassment coming back to me.

    Pain, bruises, name calling. This is what I met in high school.

    For three years I was too scared to go to school. I would walk into school and hide in varying locations until class started, and leave as quickly as I could to avoid the kids.

    We go back and my confidence is still there. I still talked to people. I still thought I had friends. But the seeds of doubt were still in my head at this point.

    My childish delusions came back to me at this point.

    Nobody hated me. And the world was alright. They weren’t laughing at me, they were laughing with me. That’s what my teachers always said, and they hadn’t been wrong before.

    My brain at this point was deteriorating. Years of knowledge I had from schooling was disappearing before my eyes.

    Confidence and love were a foreign concept now. The world was out to get me from the beginning, and I was going to graduate and overcome all of the challenges. With my girlfriend and friends, nothing could hold me back.

    The same thoughts left my head, and I entered middle school. Nothing different happened here, but information was streaming out of my head with the turn of the day.

    In a quick blip, the rest of my life blurred before me.

    I saw my head in my father’s arms as he held me proudly.

    Life was just as beautiful backwards as it was forwards.

    Humans of MeepCraft ft. @Melynarra

    When did you join and what’s your favorite part about Meep?
    I joined Meep I believe in 2014, I love going out in the wild and mining. I also love the challenge of changing the way I build.

    Do you own any pwarps on Meep?
    Yes, /pwarp melys, just a little collection of things. It is a set of four shops, with space to expand, everything from seeds to rotten flesh.

    What a great variety. Is it hard to keep such a wide range of items stocked?
    Only when I start a big operation of building. That is what I am doing now, building a new town.

    Are you working on your own town right now? Or someone else’s?
    I think I’ll keep this one, it has 4 biomes right now.

    So I’m guessing you enjoy building?
    Yes, I do. I like changing things into art. Like taking a mountain and hiding a town in it.

    Welcomes and Farewells

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    Get involved with the MeepTimes

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    Happy Meeping!​

    The next issue of The MeepTimes will be released July 6, 2018 we hope to see you then!
    This issue was created by: @CluelessKlutz @EllieEllie @smk @qazini
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  2. CasualMow

    CasualMow Popular Meeper

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    O M G THE NEXT MEEP TIMES WILL BE RELEASED ON MY B_DAY... I really Hope I'm interviewed xD

    No really Its long overdue

    Really it is...

    If you have gotten this far you got real problems.
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2018
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  3. Toastie

    Toastie Celebrity Meeper

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    Nice edition of the MeepTimes. I'm kind of tempted to send in a story, now.

    Less content than usual, but all's good. Nice job :D
  4. smk

    smk Celebrity Meeper

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    Do ittttttt, I love getting to read other people’s stories :D
  5. agnd

    agnd is a steely-eyed missile man Staff Member Mod

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    Nothin' but good in this edition, short and sweet

    P.S. that was an amazing story smk, I've gotta send me in one of those
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  6. iKitten

    iKitten >^-^<

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    Ooh this is a great edition! I absolutely love the stories, smk!
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  7. GroovyGrevous

    GroovyGrevous Break hearts not blocks

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    Amazing story!!
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  8. Toastie

    Toastie Celebrity Meeper

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    I'll try lol
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  9. OKNEM

    OKNEM Celebrity Meeper

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    How much time do you spend on these stories? Great stuff smk
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  10. smk

    smk Celebrity Meeper

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    I wrote that one over spring break. For some reason I decided to write tons of short stories while in line at amusement parks. That only took me like 20 minutes (and ten minutes before posting to edit so its appropriate)
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  11. AcceleratedSpin

    AcceleratedSpin Meeper

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    Nice story, you seem to have put in a lot of effort. Great job!
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  12. Skaithemerk

    Skaithemerk Well-Known Meeper

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    #end me. Jk nice story m8
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