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Meeptimes #63

Discussion in 'News' started by CluelessKlutz, Aug 25, 2018.

  1. CluelessKlutz

    CluelessKlutz Badmin Staff Member Administrator

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    Collabville’s fireproof castle

    Community/Server Events
    Food Creations Competition
    Head to creative and build your favorite meal for a chance to win 50k! More info here.

    Longest Bridge

    Need to bridge a gap? Build the longest bridge and win 40k. Find out more here.

    The Collabville Wild Town
    A large collaboration between players, this town is a functioning wild city that you can visit! Learn more about the project from the story below.

    Server Updates

    Parkour Hub
    A new parkour hub has been added! /warp Parkour!

    MeepTimes Contests

    In this section, the community will get a chance to participate in a quick contest in each MeepTimes! There will be a 25k prize (from the MeepTimes writers) for one lucky winner, who will be chosen by random number generator. To be entered, just reply to the thread with an answer! Winner will be paid with the release of the next MeepTimes.

    The question for this issue is: What was your favorite holiday event and why?

    The winner to last week’s Meeptimes question was @Dockson, with the choice of the parkour map City.

    Story-time with the Crew
    One day, not too long ago, @Shawn decided he wanted to start a town. But not an ordinary town, no, he wanted a wild town. He got together some of his friends, and Collabville was born.

    The meeting room of Collabville

    At first, order was preserved - committees were being formed, roles were assigned, meetings were being held. The town quickly expanded from a hamlet to a bustling city, Residents were building houses, farms were being constructed, the land was being terraformed.

    But as the town grew more popular, troublemakers appeared in the midst of the peace. Meetings were being interrupted with lava and fire. The road committee turned its focus towards building a guard tower.
    The watch tower, from which guards would look out for troublemakers

    Chaos reigned. Buildings were up in flames, players were being slaughtered left and right. Pvp battles raged in all corners of the town, with chickens chasing baby rabbits with diamond swords and squids firing at will.

    It was then that Shawn decided that this town needed more serious protection than one guard tower. The buildings themselves, he thought, needed to be fireproof. With this idea, Shawn, @Epixaid, @CryptoSynergy, @Alphaprime1212, @Mettekes, and @Assault_Kitten got to work. They worked for many hours, and had to make tough block choices, but the result was a huge, beautiful, and most importantly, flame resistant castle overlooking the town.

    Soon after, a wall went up around the town, and several other structures, along with a few resident’s houses which were experiencing arson were fire proofed to protect from the amazing builds from mischief makers.

    After that, the chaos mostly subsided, and there was only the occasional murder to worry about in Collabville. @Legocreator2013 left the guard tower business and instead built a pixel art to hang above the town. Epixaid returned to the much more peaceful past time of road building, and while every now and then rampant fires do hit the town, Collabville has nothing to fear from them anymore.

    Legocreator2013’s pixel art

    The Project - Parkour Hub

    View of the parkour hub from the trees

    What is the Parkour Hub?
    The Parkour hub is a complete revamp of the gateway to all of the parkour courses, including its own lobby parkour.

    Who was involved in this project?
    • @steviefiveo56 created the entire building, terrain, and a majority of the lobby parkour course.

    • @EllieEllie oversaw the process by directing the course, adjusting the lobby.

    • @CluelessKlutz assisted with the lobby parkour and implementation process.

    • @LordInateur implemented all of the technical aspects of the hub.
    Let’s talk!
    Why do we need a new parkour hub?
    The parkour hub we had before was rather small and although nicely detailed, it didn't offer much room to expand without changing the layout of it all. - @EllieEllie

    We need a new parkour hub to make some more space to account for new upcoming parkour courses. - @steviefiveo56

    What new features does this hub offer?
    The hub features 5 portals per difficulty and a new lobby parkour :). My favorite part is that one of the trees has a bird's nest filled with eggs. - @steviefiveo56

    The new hub offers much more room to expand and has separate sections based on difficulty. the new lobby parkour is also much longer and has more variation, you really get a nice view of the hub towards the end. - @EllieEllie

    What is your favorite part of the project?
    My favourite part is the fact we actually have the extra room to continually add more content for players. - @EllieEllie

    What do you think of the result?
    I love the new hub, Stevie did a wonderful job and it took him under a week! - @Ellie

    The result turned out better than I was thinking it was going to. I learned some new techniques with this build! - @steviefiveo56

    Anything else to add?
    Thanks, Stevie, I really appreciate your hard work and hope everyone has been enjoying the new addition :) - @Ellie

    Humans of MeepCraft ft. @Mettekes

    Mettekes inviting me into her Hobbit-style house

    What do you enjoy most about Meep?
    I like building for people, and just having fun around Meep helping anybody I can. It’s also fun seeing what people have made/built.

    You run a town on Meep, Solitude. What’s that like?

    It’s pretty fun actually. Many people think it would be chaotic in many ways, like having to build houses and stuff, but it’s really not. I enjoy giving people homes for free, and letting them choose out of many types of different housing styles.

    Your town is styled after Hobbit holes. Why did you choose them as your town’s style?

    Yeah, pretty much haha. They’re the most fun to build, and I am wayyy better at interior (exterior is just awful.)

    What’s your favorite hobby?

    I play in band + jazz band. It takes a lot of practice, and time. It’s pretty fun, and for band right now (first semester) we are doing marching band, and getting ready for state. I play multiple instruments.

    Nice! Which instruments do you play?
    Flute, Piccolo, and Alto saxophone are my main instruments. Flute + piccolo for concert/marching band and saxophone for jazz band.

    Anything else you’d like to add?

    Vote harambe for president.

    Social Media!

    Be sure to follow us/subscribe to all of our social media platforms to get sneak peaks and be kept up to date on all things Meep!

    Instagram! - @officialmeepcraftmc Facebook! - @meepcraftmc

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    Get involved with the MeepTimes

    With every release of the MeepTimes, we pick a cover photo, a story, and community events submitted by the community! The owner of each piece of content selected will receive a 5,000 meeble reward. To submit entries for the next release of the MeepTimes, send a private message to @CluelessKlutz.

    Happy Meeping!

    The next issue of The MeepTimes will be released September 7, 2018. See you then!
    This issue was created by: @CluelessKlutz, @qazini

    Last edited: Aug 25, 2018
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  2. Blendyz

    Blendyz Hipster for Life ♥

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    tldr parkour is awesome
  3. Dockson

    Dockson Celebrity Meeper

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    Fireproof castle you say? It would be a shame if some nasty fire arrow hit those jukeboxes, wouldn't it? :vamp:

    The new parkour hub is perfect, definitely an upgrade from the previous one. The new lobby parkour course is... let's say mildly infuriating haha.

    Oh, thank you random number generator (and the Meeptimes writers of course!) for the 25k, much appreciated :)

    @Mettekes You have a cool town; always wanted to make my own 'Hobbiton', but seeing other people give it a go is almost as good.

    My favorite holiday event would probably be the Christmas building competition from almost 3 years ago:
    Time to Vote! Top 5 Holiday Builds Are In!

    I had an absolute blast building my entry and even though it was forgotten about, I got an awesome compensation and well... truth be told, at least the other builders had a chance :p:p
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2018
  4. CasualNuker

    CasualNuker Popular Meeper

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    Great edition
  5. Mettekes

    Mettekes Popular Meeper

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    Yuh dude, It's super fun! I could teach you how to make one sometime if you would like :D
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  6. Legocreator2013

    Legocreator2013 Popular Meeper

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    Well done with this edition! The first time I'm featured it's the one brony build I've ever made XD. Don't forget my official title for the wild town is "Military General and Safety Commissioner Legocreator2013." Still honored to be a part of the Meeptimes! lol.

    Should also mention that the original art was made by BambooDog. The pixelated version was made by Reditors during the great pixel war. That version was edited by me to fit better into Minecraft and adjusted some parts of it that didn't look natural.

    Original art:
    This is a small screenshot of the massive pixel portrait. I couldn't check the whole thing for wearing so if you want to see the whole thing it's on r/place.
    Sorry if this was long, but artists deserve credit to their original work. Thanks for reading!
  7. Shawn

    Shawn Popular Meeper

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    I liked that town :)
  8. Lt_Sponge

    Lt_Sponge Popular Meeper

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    that town was not bad, Yes
  9. Alphaprime1212

    Alphaprime1212 Well-Known Meeper

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    I didn't really build anything in the castle except the map
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  10. qazini

    qazini Neighborhood Panini

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    I guess everyone's making it real simple for the rng to choose who'll win the 25k.
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  11. smk

    smk Celebrity Meeper

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    I loved the Christmas event from last year!

    Just because the economy was booming!
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  12. EllieEllie

    EllieEllie Staff Member Mod

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    I loved the Easter 2018 event because i had an egg wand
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  13. SuperDyl

    SuperDyl Popular Meeper

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    My favorite was last Christmas event because I had time during the event to actively participate.
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