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Meeptimes #70

Discussion in 'News' started by qazini, Dec 1, 2018.

  1. qazini

    qazini Neighborhood Panini Staff Member Super Mod

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    Melialee223’s Thanksgiving Turkey gobbled up the rest of the competition

    Welcome to The MeepTimes, the twice-monthly update to keep the community in the loop with what’s new, behind the scenes, and in the works.​

    Community/Server Events
    Saturday creative building event
    Last Saturday’s event was a building competition in creative. Many participated with a great variety of builds. Check out the submissions here and a big congrats to Melialee223 for placing first. Pop in this Saturday afternoon for another event!

    Server Updates
    Items no longer take durability loss inside of Terrarium.

    Bugs Squashed
    Game performance in parkour has improved. Less rubber-banding should occur.

    Elytras now work in Creative and for Ultimates/Legends in Towny again.

    Terrarium Teleportation
    Enderpearls can no longer be used to escape terrarium.

    Recently Accepted Suggestions
    Terrarium Bounties
    Terrarium bounties will be brought back! Find out more here.

    Pholos in /warp Towns
    Pholos will be coming to /warp towns, as described in this suggestion.

    MeepTimes Contests
    In this section, the community will get a chance to participate in a quick contest in each MeepTimes! There will be a 25k prize (from the MeepTimes writers) for one lucky winner, who will be chosen by random number generator. To be entered, just reply to the thread with an answer! Winner will be paid with the release of the next MeepTimes.

    The question for this issue is: What is your favorite thing to do during the winter?

    The winner to last week’s Meeptimes question was @CryogenicNewt05 , who always prefers water.

    Story-time with the crew: Kesmet’s song

    In a jungle in a faraway land there lived a bird. He was not an especially pretty bird. In fact, his feathers resembled those of dead maple leaves trampled on by November rains. He was not a particularly smart bird either. He was unable to figure out how to crack open the shells of nuts or how to keep the shiny black beetles from scurrying away as soon as he made his first tentative hop towards his potential prey. The poor bird would often to be left hungry for the night, having spent the whole day unable to find much more than small morsels.

    He did, however, posses a remarkable voice. He could imitate the longing of wind chimes and the gurgle of a creek; the boom of an organ and the hush of the wind. His peculiar talent was treated as a peculiar idiosyncrasy, which could possibly help him get a mate when he grew up, but worth little otherwise.

    One spring day an explorer came by through the jungle. He was sent there to catalogue the species, investigate the topography, but instructed to leave it be. The terrain was tough, and the day was hot and humid. Sweat rolled down the man’s face in waterfalls. At around mid-day, he finally stopped for a rest under a tree and unpacked his lunch.

    He was taking a gulp of water from his canteen when he first heard the noise. He jumped up and spilled a good third of the remaining water onto his shirt, but he was too occupied with the sound to care at this point.

    “Hello? Who’s there?” He shouted out into the semi-darkness of the looming forest.

    The jungle continued to hum its regular tune of chirping birds and cricketing bugs, but the sound didn’t resonate through the brush again.

    Confused, the man snatched up his lunch and stood up and looked for the best path to what he hoped was the direction the sound came from, cause by God, if that wasn’t a woman singing then he was a roach, he thought just as one of the large brown insects rushed across his path.

    Then, just to his right, he hears the opera voice again. He dashed through the bramble for another few minutes, and the voice kept getting clearer and louder. Suddenly, he found himself in a small clearing, barely big enough to stretch in without touching any trees, but significant in such a dense jungle nonetheless.

    The opera voice exploded through his ear. To the explorer’s surprise, it wasn’t coming from ground-level, but rather from a small tree, upon which sat a lonely, distraught-looking bird.

    “Were you doing the singing?” He asked.

    The bird didn’t answer and just stared at the intruder without moving a muscle. He repeated the question. No response, not even the flutter of a feather. After a minute of the staring contest, the adventurer got tired and made a grab for the bird.

    To his great surprise, it still didn’t move. Only a slight squeak of a Carefully, he took the bird into his hands.

    “Oh my,” the explorer’s whispered shock came. “you’re so thin.”

    The bird didn’t respond, and only his jerky breathing indicated that he was still living.

    “I’m going to save you,” muttered the man. “such a wonderful voice needs to live. It deserves to be heard by the world. No, no, not even that. The world deserves to hear it.”

    He took the bird and curled him up with blankets and set about thinking as to what of his food it would eat. “You are coming home with me, my friend Kesmet.”

    End of Part 1

    Humans of MeepCraft ft. @zsuzsu
    Toby12f looking through all his many chests.

    You own a town with a lot of land, and yet you’re the only one in it. Do you have any plans with it?
    Um. I like hoarding things. On my third /random after leaving Legend I found a giant castle wall. I figured “nice spawn, not too big”, did /t new. Realized half-way through that it was 225 plots. Figured eh, it’s nice enough, and kept it all. I don’t have plans for anything in the future I’m lazy.

    What do you enjoy most about Meep?
    Well to be honest I like the community but also the economy aspect. I may be a socialist but that doesn’t mean a system in which it’s easy to make money isn’t fun haha.

    What’s your favorite subject at school?
    When learning a new topic I pay attention for 2 days then once I understand it I don’t have to pay attention. I’m in the “high math” section - so I’m in grade 10 but I’m learning grade 11 stuff.

    Do you like to play sports? Or listen to music?
    Nah I hate sports lmao. I’m extremely unfit (no stamina) but also underweight cause of adhd meds making me not eat much.
    I like eminem and lil wayne music. Well, I like rap as a whole. But like lil wayne and eminem are on opposite sides of the spectrum. One being more lyric heavy and one being more sound influenced.

    Any other genres you like?
    Uh not really tbh, maybe pop a bit but no rock, metal, or country, or classical or whatever else people listen to.

    What’s your favorite book or movie series?
    I used to read a lot every day. Like from grade 1 to 6. Then grade 7 I got a laptop. Played mc two years straight. But when I used to read I liked a series called “unwanted” about a bunch of kids in a society who were outcasts, sent to be killed once a year but really lived in a secret house.
    And in terms of movies I don’t leave my house much so I watch them usually when they come out on dvd but I like the marvel franchise. But I’m not obsessed like Clue and Star Wars *Shots fired*.

    *Toby gets struck by lightning out of nowhere*

    Anything else you’d like to add?
    Clue gimme admin.
    I need /smite too.

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    Get involved with the MeepTimes
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    Happy Meeping!​

    The next issue of The MeepTimes will be released December 14th, 2018. See you then!​

    This issue was created by:
    @qazini @CluelessKlutz @Mettekes
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2018
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  2. SpongeyStar

    SpongeyStar Professor in Wumbology

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    i love having the fire on, drinking hot chocolate and watching some spongebob (rip)
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  3. Meznik

    Meznik Popular Meeper

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    shoveling snow
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  4. boombox123

    boombox123 Popular Meeper

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    Open presents. :)
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2018
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  5. CryogenicNewt05

    CryogenicNewt05 Popular Meeper

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    I'm not really sure, as this is only my first winter, but probably going sledding.
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  6. Toastie

    Toastie Celebrity Meeper

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    Sleeping in and wrapping myself up in a blanket while playing games. We don't have snow in Arizona, just snowbirds and cold weather, so I stay inside.
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  7. Vexmae

    Vexmae St★rGazer

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    I’m too fat for this I’d probably create a crater in the snow itself if I tried

    During the winter I like to take my dogs out for walks, we have a small field at the bottom of my street that no one goes to and when it snows it’s just perfectly lay on the grass and trees, watching them run around and come back with a lil snow on their snout is bound to make my winter, it’s also picture worthy: dog picture for good luck [​IMG]
  8. qazini

    qazini Neighborhood Panini Staff Member Super Mod

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    Awww that's such a cute dog!
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  9. J055Y_

    J055Y_ Popular Meeper

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  10. CaliWahine

    CaliWahine Active Meeper Staff Member Helper

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    Aye I'm so glad to hear that Mel won the contest last weekend! She's great and made the first hobbit hole in Menegroth as an embassy, it's so cute and intricate, we all love it.
    Also YAY TOBY for being featured in the Meeptimes! I honestly never knew that they had these things until I got featured then I just started reading through all the old ones and waiting for new ones to come out.
    I can also attest that Toby is 100% a hoarder. Every time I visit there's double the amount of chests, and that's just his house. He has chests all over Meep. It's insanity!

    Clue, don't give him admin! ;)
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  11. CryogenicNewt05

    CryogenicNewt05 Popular Meeper

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    What time is the event today?
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