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Best Posts in Thread: Meeptimes #78

  1. qazini

    qazini Neighborhood Panini Staff Member Super Mod

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    Welcome to The MeepTimes, the twice-monthly update to keep the community in the loop with what’s new, behind the scenes, and in the works.​

    Server Updates
    KitPvP Bounties
    A bounties system has been added to KitPvP Beta! Use /bounty <player> <amount> to set a bounty on a player, and view /bounties to see a list of available bounties.

    CPS Tester
    Using /cps in KitPvP Beta now lets you check your Clicks Per Second to track improvement and see who can click the fastest!

    Combat Log
    The combat log for KitPvP Beta has been implemented! After receiving damage, you must wait thirty seconds before logging out.

    KitPvP Scoreboard
    An updated scoreboard has been added to KitPvP Beta to display various statistics and info. If you find this annoying, simply type /board.

    Bugs Squashed
    Issues regarding villager placement and curing have been fixed.

    MeepTimes Contests
    In this section, the community will get a chance to participate in a quick contest in each MeepTimes! There will be a 25,000 prize (from the MeepTimes writers) for one lucky winner, who will be chosen by random number generator. To be entered, just reply to the thread with an answer! Winner will be paid with the release of the next MeepTimes.

    The question for this issue is: What is the best or worst April Fool’s prank that you’ve had happen to you or heard about happening to someone else?

    The winner to last week’s Meeptimes question was @Mettekes, who enjoys summer and the camps that come with it!

    The Project: Kitpvp
    Who was involved in this project?

    Let’s talk!
    We interviewed @CluelessKlutz on this project!

    Why did kitpvp need a remodel in the first place?
    Following numerous bugs and crashes of worldguard breaking the old map plus server updates, KitPvP has been a longtime favorite of many players and myself as well for simply picking a kit and hopping in without worrying about stats and items.

    Why the map change?
    The previous map was large and obstructed the players’ view of each other which made actually finding players to fight difficult.

    What was the biggest issue you had to overcome?
    Probably the greatest challenge was the creation of the actual server which KitPvP runs on. The other stuff involved in the project was at least familiar. New things, while fun, can be challenging to get going.

    What’s the most exciting edition to the new kitpvp?
    Honestly, I love the bounties system for allowing players to properly place a form of bet on each other for kills rather than forcing teaming.

    Are you happy with the result?
    Not quite, this is only a beta and I have quite a few more features planned.

    Humans of MeepCraft ft. @MrTillage
    MrTillage standing atop a tree he had planted over a year ago

    You like to pop in from time to time. What do you enjoy doing while you’re online?
    With the new jobs update I spend a lot of time trying to level up skills and make as many meebles as I can. I also enjoy building but I don’t feel overly tied to a town, so I do a lot of building in the wilderness.

    What do you like to build?
    A lot of what I build is houses, mainly medieval style. I like all the different wood types and how they fit together. I hate to build modern. I also really enjoy touring other people’s properties and watching the community grow each time I log on.

    You’ve changed your name recently. Why and what does it mean?
    I have indeed. I used to be MrTillage because I am studying Bioagricultural Sciences and Sustainability at Colorado State University. I recently changed it to Drewskiee, which is a nickname my younger cousins call me.

    What does your degree entail then? Do you enjoy doing it?
    I am an entomologist by hobby (study of insects), and a farming consultant/pathologist by trade. The degree teaches me how to identify pest weeds, diseases from all pathogens, insect vectors, and pests.

    I am currently a senior in my undergrad and will be attending the graduate portion next year. It will be a masters degree in Integrated Pest Management and an undergraduate degree in Ecosystem Science and Sustainability. And then I would love to work for a company called Nutrien as a crop consultant.

    What’s your favorite thing about your job?
    I get to work outdoors. It’s an industry in which I have the ability to impact and shape and change the future. It’s an area of work that works each day to tackle climate change and keeping the earth safe and clean while productive.

    April Fool’s is coming up. Do you enjoy the day?
    I love pranks but not all pranks. It just needs a little time and thought! I also love cringey humor (ex. The Office), so the more cringey the better!

    What’s your favorite cringey humor show then?
    The Office is great for cringe worth humor, but I also enjoy Friends, Family Guy, and Hawaii 5-0.

    Anything else you’d like to add?
    Yeah, shoutout to @Savage2k17. He has been a real great support and is always a welcoming face to see here on Meep. He may have to watch his back on April 1st though...

    Social Media!
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    Get involved with the MeepTimes
    We welcome you to participate in the Meeptimes! Submit a cover photo or community event for a chance to get 10,000, or a story for the chance to win 25,000 or more, if the content is used. To submit entries for the next release of the Meeptimes, send a private message in-game, over forums, on discord to @qazini.

    Happy Meeping!​

    The next issue of The MeepTimes will be released April 12th, 2019. See you then!​

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    @qazini @CluelessKlutz
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  2. SpongeyStar

    SpongeyStar Professor in Wumbology

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    When I was staff a few years ago I thought it would be super hilarious to make an April fools prank that I resigned as staff.....so on the 1st of April, somewhere around 8am NZ time (so it was still 31st of March in most places) I quickly sent a message in the staff slack saying so I'm going to 'resign' as staff as an April fools joke. I went on forums and created a post telling everyone that I'm resigning and not going to play meep as much anymore etc etc. straight after I posted that I had to go to class so off I went.

    A few hours later I decided to check up on how that post went and see how it went down because it was obviously a joke but I soon realised that I had lost my staff perms on forums and lost my perms in game .... so obviously my message to staff hadn't gone around and someone thought I was actually resigning so I then spent a good half hour trying to get someone to help get my perms back

    this also didn't go down well because it was still the 31st of march in most places so it wasn't really an april fools sorta thing yet....

    I think that thread is still around somewhere on forums. gives me a laugh because it's literally filled with people being like 'uh it's not april yet ? ?' lol

    so yes. i'm obviously the master of pranks.

    and wow kitpvp is back!!!! I think this calls for a return to georges house with the mushroom soup u dum b O @DarkKnight49x
  3. CluelessKlutz

    CluelessKlutz Badmin Staff Member Administrator

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    The world actually was lost. I found this in an outdated folder of dozens of schematics while updating the worldedit plugin.
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