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Monthly towny competition

Discussion in 'Denied' started by hardegat, Nov 8, 2017.

  1. hardegat

    hardegat Popular Meeper

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    Have a monthly running competition of which town has the most non ranked residents, reward that town with a prize of 100k meebles or even more as it is a win-win situation for the server as a whole.


    Just press tab whenever you are on and try count the amount of non ranked citizens.....shocking I know.
    Get new players to be treated better and more attention paid to them.
    Hopefully increase player retention.
    People's tolerance should go up before getting annoyed by noob questions and actions.
    Best way to get people to do something is to incentivize them.

    How it could work:

    Minimum entry of 15 or 20 non-ranked residents.
    A town can't win the meebles consecutively.
    Alt accounts are not eligible.
    Staff towns are not eligible - this is their job already
    Winning town could maybe get free advertising in /spawn somehow and in the server announcements.
    I would even go as far as saying the town should get a rebate on it's upkeep for a month.

    Effort to implement:

    If accepted no "added on trello", "pending priority", "too difficult to code" etc. etc. it purely needs staff to work on it.
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  2. SkeletonForeverR

    SkeletonForeverR New Meeper

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    Do I count as a non rank?
  3. NinjaRoxy

    NinjaRoxy Popular Meeper Staff Member Administrator

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    We all want to keep new players. There are many times when a person needs a town, ranked or not. And they are told "no". I don't think that a competition of who adds the most non ranked players is needed. As players would just add them and probably not even help them get started. Just to get the money.
    If we want to keep new players, maybe just add them. Help them out, and explain things. It is not going to take long at all, and it would help your towns as well.
    Meep has a good community and if we all work together on this it would help a lot. Most of us want the player count to go up, and if we are nice to new players, and help get them started it would help a lot.
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  4. 00000

    00000 Guest

    Unfortunately, this is great in theory, but simply cannot be applied to the server.

    The reason for this is simple; human nature forbids it. If you think people right now are neglecting new players in towns, just imagine what would happen when everyone focuses on getting their numbers up so they can win money. Player retention can't be measured nor improved with this suggestion, as neglect of new players will in all likelihood stay at the level it is now or even increase, and many new players are just going to leave after joining a town, which serves to boost the player count for the money but not the server in the end.

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  5. LordInateur

    LordInateur Resident Plugin-Breaker Staff Member Administrator

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    This might also lead to more alt abuse, even if they're marked as "not eligible."
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  6. hardegat

    hardegat Popular Meeper

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    Cool I hear what you guys are saying and it is sad that we always have to consider the minority of abusers before the majority of law abiding citizens. But I understand why.
  7. popularimos

    popularimos Well-Known Meeper

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    HE HE HE
  8. CluelessKlutz

    CluelessKlutz Badmin Staff Member Administrator

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    Denied, you may host your own competitions if you'd like, though.

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