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MrJat123 - Ban Appeal

Discussion in 'Accepted' started by MrJat123, Dec 31, 2018.

  1. MrJat123

    MrJat123 Popular Meeper

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    Additional In Game Names: MrJat123

    When you were banned: 12 months ago

    Reason for ban: Halo farming with Viperfan17

    What kind of ban are you appealing? In-game

    Ban Length: Perm

    Staff member who issued ban: Cooleysworld

    What have you learned and why should we trust you to do better? I have learned that cheating is not the way to go and that halo farming is bad! I going to be honest and don't fully remember halo farming but knowing me I probably did. This ban has taught me a lot of things, 1 Viperfan17 is not a good influence 2, Halo farming is against the servers rules and can result in a perm ban 3, not to ban evade while I am already ban.

    Please give any other information you might think is useful for us to know: I have matured over the past year and now I feel like I have made many mistakes. But the only way to fix these mistakes is by getting second chances. So dear meepcraft for the bottom of my heart Im sorry for halo farming and breaking the rules. I dont expect a second chance but if you could give me one I would right my wrongs.

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  2. CluelessKlutz

    CluelessKlutz Badmin Staff Member Administrator

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