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Discussion in 'Art and Entertainment' started by Zesk, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. Enron

    Enron Popular Meeper

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    I'd suggest bands but judging by the previous posts about rap/metal/rock I doubt any of you are very interested in 80's pop
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  2. kwagscraft

    kwagscraft Celebrity Meeper

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    post em
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  3. SuperDyl

    SuperDyl Popular Meeper

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    When I think of music, I first think of some Broadway and the Beatles so please tell us! There are definitely many very different tastes here.
  4. Selch

    Selch Popular Meeper

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    i want to revive this thread

    alright if u dont care bout red hot chili peppers (u should tho) just skip the following list and see my other song recommendations

    red hot chili peppers- ok rhcp is my fave and i recommend all their music but i do feel their albums/eras kind of have all different vibes so lets see if i can categorize:
    • red hot chili peppers, freaky styley, the uplift **** party plan: all very funky, probably the closest theyve ever been to pure funk music. i think the songs from these albums are mostly (almost) completely instrumental or filled with anthonys raps about sexy stuff (if ya know what i mean) and hedonism
    • mothers milk: still funky put not as much. great stevie wonder cover. songs are a little more casual and not so hot and heavy
    • blood sugar sex magik: some really powerful, funk-filled songs here, some more mellow and not funkalicious like "under the bridge" and "i could have lied". imo this is their best album. some weird songs here too (e.g. "sir psycho sexy", love the outro btw) but all good nonetheless
    • one hot minute: big sound change here since they pick up a new guitarist. def sounds more straight, plain alt rock because of dave (they really take on a bit of the jane's addiction sound imo) but theres some funky songs like "aeroplane". many songs are influenced by anthonys experience with addiction because he relapsed before recording the album. i know many consider it not too hot of an album but i like it. depends on your taste.
    • californication: johns back (guitarist before dave) and theyre back to more funkiness. gr8 album, around the world is my fave song. most songs are pretty upbeat i believe maybe except for porcelain? i think the sound here is harsher but not in a bad way.
    • by the way: they really loose their funk for this album. no personnel changes but they go more normal rock for this one. this is probably my least fave album, i dont hate it but it just doesnt scream "weirdo, funky chili peppers" to me which is what i love about them.
    • stadium arcadium: ok now we have a big double album with jupiter (first half) and mars (second half). def a return to the funk, has some weird songs like hump de bump (i love it tho hehe) and i love the song meanings here. good balance of normal rock and funk rock. i believe many of the band members have said some of their fave songs ever were on this album.
    • i'm with you: still pretty funky, i dont think its much different that stadium but i do think that their sound gets a little more modern in this album. i guess more with whats popular in music (but not pop rock, theY are NOt pop ROCk). i recommend "did i let you know", was a single released in brazil only so its a deep cut but its amazing.
    • dark necessities: i think anthony said that this was very influenced by a relationship he had soon before going in to record the album (dont quote me on that). i dont have anything bad to say about any of the songs, i love em all on this one. its not very funky, i think less than i'm with you and i think it has the more current sound like iwy too.
    • also dont forget their singles that were not included on albums, or some of the random songs on their various greatest hits albums that were not singles or on albums (e.g. "fortune faded")
    ok, onto other things!! more artists i love:
    grateful dead- IM SUCH A DEADHEAD I LVOE Them JERRY IS AMAZING And I love THem ALl I love Bob and Phil ANd Bill ANd all of them Ok. sorry theyre so good and chill and i can listen to them whenever. very folksy and country. i honestly dont see them as a rock band whatsoever. electric guitar, sure, but they dont have the rock sound.
    megadeth- um i'd probably recommend all their albums, just poke around and see what you like (there is a crap ton tho, beware). some people hate their experimental album, risk, but its honestly not that bad. risk is more alt rock than trash metal
    system of down- L o v e S O A D ! ! really tho theyre gr8. um theyre kinda alt metal, kinda nu metal? big argument about what they are in the metal community, but anyways, i'd just listen to all their albums because they only have like 5? *(Serj Tankian, Release New Music, U Meanie)
    helloween- ahahahahaha i love them, songs for everything. i like hansens voice more, so i prefer their earlier work. keeper of the seven keys 1+2 are staples in metal, so hit those up. metal jukebox also has really good covers too tho (hocus pocus rocks--lots of heavy guitar, flute, organ, and YODELING!!!)
    metallica- ok im sorry but only the first four albums are good. they screw up the next few, kinda get better with death magnetic and then screw themselves with lulu. harwired to self-destruct is decent. Also Lars Sucks at Drums. sorry but its true.
    nirvana- like soad, they havent a large discography so just do urself a favor and listen to it all. they arent my fave grunge band but theyre still good ofc.
    r.e.m.- michael stipe is a beautiful man, bless urself with his voice. r.e.m. is credited as the first alt rock band, so if ur gonna try alt rock, u have to listen to r.e.m.
    hole- ok i love hole and courtney loves voice, she never got that big (probably more famous for being kurt cobains wife imo) but hole is such a gr8 band. very feminist lyrics.
    iron maiden- ok they have quite a bit of music, so just poke around. i love killers with paul, but i also love bruces work with the band. dont listen to virtual xi. please dont waste ur time, ppl will say its not that bad, but its boring af.
    ronnie james dio stuff- is a god and had a beautiful voice. god bless that man. do urself a solid and listen to some things hes been involved in, such as dio, elf, ritchie blackmore's rainbow, and black sabbath. (dio era of these ofc)
    stone temple pilots- theyre a great grunge band, but get zero cred for it. i like them more than nirvana and pearl jam. scott weiland had a great voice that he could manipulate so well to fit his emotions.
    soundgarden- chris cornell was a blessing to us all, and im sad he passed. i think he had one of rocks most beautiful voices. soundgarden really doesnt have a lot either, so just listen to it all. if you like chris' voice, listen to some of his solo work or audioslave (basically him plus the the instrumentalists of rage against the machine)
    jane's addiction- i love perry farrell and his voice, jane's addiction radiates these wonderfully weird vibes too. i thank perry for his music and for making lollapalooza (although now its overrun with pop and rap artists, not wonderful 90s alt rock groups). if you like janes addiction, check out his other projects such as porno for pyros (yes that is one of his bands names). i also love dave navarro hes a good Guitar Man and aside from music i only watch that tattoo competition show cause he hosts. he was really hot in the 90s too, i guess hes ok now but the current hair isnt doing him much good

    ok my hands hurt after typing this so im just gonna do a list now with no explanations sorry GuyS:
    • judas priest
    • sabaton
    • anthrax
    • alice in chains
    • pearl jam
    • live
    • sublime
    • the offspring
    • rolling stones
    • led zeppelin (OK im gonna explain them RObert Plant Is God And I love HIs voice God I love him JUst listen I know theyre SO prominent BUt Lord They ARe Good, and jimmy page is an amazing guitarist oh my L o r d)
    • the smashing pumpkins
    • misfits (side note not related to the quality of their music: doyle is hot without the makeup and devil lock, hes also a really nice guy)
    • ramones
    • sex pistols
    • deep purple
    • slayer
    • pantera
    • death
    • cannibal corpse (alright, its gory and weird, but i like it and corpsegrinder is honestly just a big nerd)
    • lamb of god
    • pink floyd
    • eric clapton/cream
    • bob dylan
    • janis joplin
    • joan baez
    • the mamas & the papas
    • the carpenters
    • cat stevens
    • eagles
    • queen
    • jimi hendrix
    • george michael/wham! (i actually cried when he died, he was a queen)
    • elton john (another queen)
    • johnny cash (hes the only good country, unless u count grateful dead as country)
    • radiohead
    • van halen (sammy hagar is the better vocalist, david lee roth is the better front man)
    • abba (YOU MUST LISTEN TO ABBA pLS I YOUll LOVE THEM, also agnetha is better than anni-frid, fight me)
    • bee gees
    • donna summer
    • motown!! i really love motown and highly recommend it (ex.: the supremes, marvin gaye, the temptations, the spinners, four tops, the commodores, etc.)
    i probably forgot some people, sorry, but its late in my neck of the woods and i tried hard for u lovelies. im so sorry this post is so long. Hope U find some gr8 new music tho!!!

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