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My Skyblock Overview : )

Discussion in 'Accepted' started by chairm, Apr 27, 2021.

  1. chairm

    chairm Popular Meeper

    Likes Received:
    this is my skyblock overview on things i would like to see added, changed, and removed


    add both crimson and warped nyliam ( so we can farm crim/warped items)
    add magma blocks or be able to buy blaze rods (magma blocks are good for making specific farms)
    add prismarine shards/crystals (cant make guardian farm)
    add End rods. purpur blocks, chorus plant (idk if there are any plans to opening the end)
    add coral blocks ( or add ad a reward to fishing event )
    add strider egg
    add polar bear egg
    add dolphin egg
    add heart of the sea ( nautilus shells are useless with out this )
    add dragons breath ( again idk if there is plans to open end )
    add wither skeleton heads ( or a way to obtain )
    add all types of flowers, or at least tall flowers

    remove horse, mule, donkey spawn eggs ( personally dont think anyone will buy these )

    Decrease slime balls selling 5$
    Decrease ice Buying 10$
    Raise dirt buying 30$ (dirt should be one of the most valuable things in skyblock IMO )
    Raise grass buying 40$
    Raise packed ice buying 100$ ( 9 ice makes 1 packed ice )

    add ancient debris as legendary drop
    add prismarine shard/crystals as common drop
    add tridant as legendary drop ( you can farm but is very hard )
    add horse armors leather common gold/iron rare diamond legendary
    add enchantment bottles as rare drop ( 8-16 )
    add heart of the as sea legendary drop
    add nether star or wither skeletons as legendary drop

    Island upgrades/permissions:

    increase the price of multiplying mob drops to 1 million, 4x mob drops seems like the best upgrade to me and should be much more expensive to buy.

    increase the maxed amount of hoppers upgrade, i understand why there is a cap but 128 seems very small and i think should be increased to 192 or 256 for the upgrade price of 1-5 mil ( only the top island will be able to get this upgrade maxed) or allow 128 hoppers in each dimension

    right now skyblock is set on easy mode, which we're missing out on a lot things in the game, pillagers don't spawn which means no raids, cant convert villagers into zombie villagers for better trades, ect so my proposal is we switch skyblock to hardmode or have a island permission that allows the player to be able to choose what difficulty he or she wants ( im not sure if this is possible just a idea )

    add flower forest and ocean to biomes


    Remove the skyblock building comp announcement, its been 3-4 weeksish and ive seen new players ask about it

    add announcements about how to set up island warps/visits ( im noticing a lack of island warps in skyblock )

    add announcements for how to set up shop signs ( i havent seen many people making shops in skyblock and i think thats a big part of skyblock is trading between islands )

    these are all my thoughts and ideas currently on how i would change the game.
    im not expecting this to get accepted but please lmk what you think :D thank you! -chairm

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  2. Adrian

    Adrian Epic Staff Member Administrator Ambassador

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    Thanks for the suggestions, hoping to be able to implement them soon :) !

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