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Need Help

Discussion in 'Towny Guides' started by hahaidontseeu, Mar 31, 2014.

  1. hahaidontseeu

    hahaidontseeu New Meeper

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    I need help understanding the towny. If you can help me and have skype please add me @ hahaidontseeu
  2. JustushII7

    JustushII7 Popular Meeper

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    Hey so your a little bit unclear in what your asking for but this should help. In towny, you can join a town but for most you must be invited by the towns Mayor or Assistant. Once in the town then you may claim plots. Plots will sometimes have a tax and thhis depends on the town, if unable to pay the tax towny will auto-kick you. Also, make sure to follow the towns rules. I hope i was of some assistance. If you every see me on feel free to msg me and i can help you get into a town!;)

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