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Best Posts in Thread: Parkour Update 1.10

  1. Fuzzlr

    Fuzzlr Owner Staff Member Owner

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    The Parkour server has been reopened! Join the new parkour lobby by typing /warp parkour and choose from 7 original parkour maps. The map rewards have been updated:
    • City - 15,000 Meebles
    • Cactus - 8,000 Meebles
    • Countryside - 7,000 Meebles
    • Jungle - 5,000 Meebles
    • Balloon - 8,000 Meebles
    • Flower - 7,000 Meebles
    • Chillroom - 20,000 Meebles
    See you on the Parkour server!

    Additional updates:
    • MeepCraft will now restart at 4 AM EST daily instead of the current 2 AM EST maintenance window
    • 1.10 items can be bought or sold on the MeepShop
    • The server no longer thinks you are offline in the first 0-30 seconds of switching worlds
    • The /back command is fixed
    • Fixed the bug where attachments over 2MB could not be uploaded on the forums
  2. Dockson

    Dockson Celebrity Meeper

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    @Fuzzlr Since 1.10 Glass panels and Iron bars behave a bit differently. If you place just one, it doesn't 'extend' to the sites and remains just as a 'stick'. Due to that update, Balloon parkour is not doable at this moment.


    A solution would be to replace the EXACT block I am pointing at in the picture with a solid block. White stained glass block for example. It would make that passage doable, but I can't speak for the rest of the course. It would have to be properly tested.


    EDIT2: A similar issue with 1.10 glass panels/iron bars seems to be in Chillroom

    Also, change the signs please; in all the parkours. They are outdated.



    Furthermore, the same problem yet again. I designed the Flower parkour with the intention of it being a progressively harder challenge. First flower for beginners with a small reward, second flower for casuals with a medium reward and the last flower for experts with a decent reward. You basically strapped the 1st and 2nd flower of any reasonable reward and moved it all to the last one. If you want to stay at 7k (which I don't think is appropriate) a 1k-2k-4k distribution would be much better. Personally, I would set the rewards to 1k-2k-5k.

    Side note: If you'll ever get to changing the signs to match with the corresponding rewards, could you change Y4cky to Dockson? :p



    Fixing the functionality of those portals would be neat.



    If you log out at any of the parkours, you will be teleported to the start of Ultimate City. It would be neat if this was fixed and you actually logged in at the same place you logged out. It's not a game breaker, but if you are standing above the reward platform in Countryside and you feel like logging out to take a breath and pray to god to make the last jump... you'll be disappointed after getting back on.


    You've been working on 'time challenges' ever since I can remember. Any news on that part?


    Overall, I think like parkour took a step back again. Take Ultimate City for example. I spent a fair amount of time distributing the rewards over all the checkpoints for it to be fair and encouraging for players to carry on 'jumping'. Similarly to Flowers, you changed the rewards to the default values again. I don't think that it was the right decision.

    I mean, the hub is nice. The changes to Countryside and Jungle are appreciated, but I can't shake that feeling off, that this whole update was rushed and could have been a whole lot more polished.
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2016
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  3. WeAreNumberUno

    WeAreNumberUno Popular Meeper

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    oraledk your not funny at this point.