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Part Two - How to make Money using /shop

Discussion in 'Unofficial Guides' started by LargeUnit, May 21, 2018.

  1. LargeUnit

    LargeUnit Well-Known Meeper

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    Hi it's large. This is my second vshop (/shop) guide where I will be giving some tips and strategies for earning a profit through selling items on the /shop!

    If you missed Part One which I posted yesterday, It explains the commands of vshop and is VITALLY IMPORTANT that you know all of these commands if you wish to understand and implement the strategies I present here.

    Click on this to read Part One

    Part 2 - How to make Money using /shop:

    This is mainly a buy and resell strategy where you make profits due to other players' laziness and lack of knowledge.

    Simply put, you want to buy items for cheap and sell them for a higher price.

    1. type: /sales every approximate 15 minutes that you are online. You need to see what players are buying and selling on the shop. The only way to do this is through /sales.

    I will now provide an example of what you should do as you are scrolling through sales:

    Here's what you're looking for, Ok?


    Ok, so I look at this and I immediately think: "hey large sell hopper, dummie."

    See this is where your knowledge comes to fruition, alright? You know all the pwarps in town and you know the vshop inside and out, so you go to buy/make some hoppers in order to resell them on vshop.

    Quick list of my favorite pwarps:

    /pwarp stuff
    /pwarp mine
    /pwarp blackmarket
    /pwarp ore
    /pwarp log
    /pwarp vexes

    In this case, I know a place that sells hoppers for fairly cheap: /pwarp blackmarket

    Before purchasing these hoppers though I make sure I check /find hopper so I know how much I can sell them for.


    Currently on /shop (/find hopper), the best offer is at 190 meebles per hopper (insanely overpriced btw). Anyhow, DrHippy at /pwarp blackmarket sells 5 hoppers for 400 meebles, or 80 meebles per hopper!


    Since I know I can purchase these hoppers at a cheaper price than the cheapest on /shop, I will purchase them and resell them to earn some meebles. *Please take note of the 5% sellers tax that you must pay when putting items on vshop!*


    So, what I did is I bought 39 hoppers @ /pwarp blackmarket for a total of 3120 meebles.

    Next, I decided that a good price for hoppers where I can still make a profit was 100 meebles. So, I used my /sell command to sell hoppers at 100 meebles each!


    As I stated previously, It is important to take note of the 5% sellers tax when determining the profit you can make through this strategy.

    Remember that this is somewhat of a risky strategy. If you play it right you will not have an issue coming out ontop. Practice makes perfect. You must have good knowledge of the value of items and how much people are willing to spend on items.

    In this case, if everything goes to plan and all 39 of my hoppers are sold:
    Revenue: 3900 meebles
    Expenses: 3320 meebles (includes taxes, remember)
    Profit: 580 meebles

    *This is not guaranteed money, this is assuming my hoppers will be bought*

    So I don't have proof that these hoppers were sold, but if you noticed the /sales image I put at the start of this guide I had sold hoppers at $100 meebles each using this same strategy.


    Since I use my own strategies (crazy) I already had hoppers on /shop at $100 meebles each.

    They were bought and I made a profit of $675 meebles very easily using this strategy.

    Remember this is just one example. I sell tons of items on /shop and earn thousands daily

    I thank you if you've taken the time to read this whole guide. I really hope it will help you guys earn some money!

    If you have any questions please contact me by replying to this thread or sending me a message on forums, discord, or in-game!

    Also take the time to read:
    Part One - Vshop (/shop) tutorial

    - LargeUnit :^)


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  2. Kling

    Kling Break blocks not hearts Staff Member Super Mod

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    Thank you for appreciating my pwarp!
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  3. ekjhgekuie

    ekjhgekuie Popular Meeper

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    More advice

    Don't list more than 100 of a medium to high price item, it's very easy for others to undercut you and screw you over. E.g. 100 hoppers at 100 meebles each is risky if you are doing this kind of deal because you will probably not sell all of the hoppers before someone undercuts you.

    Find items that have a high price difference between the first and second listing. If the first listing is low in stock and the second is high, buy all of the first listing and re sell it for a little bit higher. If you do this with multiple listings you can make a lot of money, it takes 15 minutes a day and you can find items with the shop commands (/stock and /sales). Keep a spreadsheet of all of your moves to know exactly how you performed.

    Don't buy bulk on vshop. You will pay extra for the convenience. Most people with listings on vshop will give you a lower price if you message them about a bulk deal.

    List your own food on vshop for a nice price so that you can /cancel it later whenever you need it. Don't list too high so you aren't slammed with tax. If somebody else buys it you are still making some money.

    I typed this on a Gameboy Color, excuse any errors.
  4. SuperDyl

    SuperDyl Popular Meeper

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    If you're looking for pwarps, I maintain a list here: Pwarps . Please let me know of any new pwarps and I'll add them to the list.

    I'm also working on "The Warp Book v3" ( The Warp Book v3 ) which will aid in finding specific shops you need.

    Finally, I hope to eventually post a complete set of price listings for pwarps through Google spreadsheets and Office 365. The first attempt can be found on the page for "The Warp Book v3". Best of luck with your sales!
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