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Discussion in 'Accepted' started by ekjhgekuie, Apr 1, 2018.

  1. ekjhgekuie

    ekjhgekuie Popular Meeper

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    Player you are reporting's IGN: PseudoGod

    Infraction Committed: uhhH called me a jew multiple times, spammed many times

    Date of Infraction: Apr. 1, 2018

    Summary of Infraction: called me a jew in global and msg. spammed his advertisement multiple times.

    Evidence of Infraction:

    Please give any other information you might think is useful for us to know: multiple witnesses, bloodyghost is one and i can supply more if needed

    Attached Files:

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  2. diamondkid123456

    diamondkid123456 Popular Meeper

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    If you sincerely took that with offence, it would be deeply insensitive to reply "LOL" to that comment. Please don't try to cause trouble...
  3. CasualMow

    CasualMow Popular Meeper

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    Language/Offensive Topics
    • Any commonly deemed vulgar words are prohibited
    • Any commonly deemed hate content is prohibited +
    • Any commonly deemed drug related content is prohibited
    • Any other deemed inappropriate, offensive topics is prohibited +

    I put a Plus sign on the rules you broke.

    And calling someone a jew well... It comes to bring something to mind thats so inapropriate it should not be in a Not rated movie
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2018
  4. Courtneyyy

    Courtneyyy Admin Princess

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    Enough, straighten up or get off. I’ll start handing out warning points if you aren’t directly involved in this situation do not comment.
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  5. PseudoGod

    PseudoGod Popular Meeper

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    I should probably explain with some context:

    1) I do not identify jewish people as a race, but first and foremost a religious group. Jewish people do not compose of a particular genetic structure, but rather an affiliation with Judaism. This is why jewish people are seen all over Europe, even though for the most part different races of people collide in their particular country of origin.

    2) I did not intend the statement to be offensive to you. My application of the word "Jew" derives from older literature connections with the idea that money > morals (read Jonathan Swift's A Modest Proposal to understand what I mean). I was under the assumption that my statement would not be taken as literally and as seriously as it had been, and looking back what I had written was probably not the best way to have insulted you in a formal manner.

    3) I'd like to extend this to apologize to you for what I said, seeing as it actually did offend you; this was again not my purpose and I never intend for someone to actually take into sincerity my insults or viewpoints. If you fail to accept this apology I understand.

  6. NinjaRoxy

    NinjaRoxy Popular Meeper Staff Member Administrator

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    @PseudoGod Although you have written this explanation, you need to realize that everyone is different and things get taken differently. Some of the things you say can be very hurtful to other players. As you do not know their lives or what is going on in their lives on any given day. Your believes are not everyone else’s, please remember that while playing on meepcraft.
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