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SB Auction House Warning

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by steves_evil_twin, Feb 14, 2018.

  1. steves_evil_twin

    steves_evil_twin Popular Meeper

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    I'm just requesting that there be an easily visible warning that after a while any unclaimed items in the skyblock auction house will be deleted when an item expires or is cancelled. This would prevent players from losing expensive or current unobtainable items from being lazy to claim their items.

    I learned about this the hard way after losing 2 villager spawn eggs, a dragon head, an elytra (useless, but expensive) a god shovel with fortune 3 and silk touch, and 4 wolf and ocelot spawn eggs.
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  2. DarkKnight49x

    DarkKnight49x ⏦ ❀ The True Dark Knight ❀ ⏦

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    Or to just return the items back to you if the item expires after no one has made a bid on it.
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