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Discussion in 'Accepted and In Development' started by boombox123, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. boombox123

    boombox123 Popular Meeper

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    I have experienced so many times where people have put shop signs in tricky spaces, like around rules or around my shops yet they are in the same plot area but because I can't mine it, I have to type /plot clear. I just think that if mayors could mine shop signs by toggling a command, for instance
    A mayor goes to sell or buy some stuff, they do that then realise it is in a bad place so they type /shoptoggle
    then, they mine the sign without buying / selling anything, I reckon that this would make both mine, and your lives easier on meepcraft! (/shoptoggle is just a random example, it would most likely be changed)

    Also side suggestion, you could make meepcraft not have a red underline come up on forums.
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  2. Muunkee

    Muunkee Legendary art supply hoarder

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    Ask a supermod and/or admin to do it
  3. jadenPete

    jadenPete Code Writer & Meme Trader Staff Member Developer

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    In the new ChestShop plugin (currently being developed), we will have a command called "/csadmin" that allows staff or anyone who would be able to modify the plot to break signs/chests for shops on that plot. Closing this thread.

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