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Skyblock Help

Discussion in 'Skyblock' started by Ace, Jun 8, 2018.

  1. Ace

    Ace Popular Meeper

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    Hey guys.

    I'm making this thread to inform new and current players that our island will be more than happy to help them with their skyblock journey. I have noticed recently that the players attempting to play this game mode leaves immediately because it's "too much" of a grind. So I'm making this thread to give tips and just generally tell people that our island is more than happy to help.

    First of all, if you are attempting this game mode or currently playing but struggling, you could always contact me or one of our island members if you need help. I am mostly online but will be afk from time to time so just shoot me up a mail /mail send Daedric_Ace (message) if you need stuff.
    We also have a shop that offers really cheap basic goods to aid people. You can warp to this place by doing /is warp Jess_4ds or /is warp Daedric_Ace. I have a few chest shop where you could sell items that you can easily obtain. Make easy money from me really.

    These warps that were mentioned above also offers a public mob grinder where not only you can grind exp of course. It also allows you to collect the items that you grind! This mob grinder includes Wither skelly, Skelly, Magma, and Blaze. You can easily collect materials from here and this is the only public grinder that offers Wither skeleton heads. Don't forget to use the command /bottle get max! Bottles up your exp for safe keeping.

    I won't really tell you how you build your island because that's yours lol.
    But you should really start with Y:1 and build up from there because it's easier to build up than down.
    Also, you should really start on the dual island because more resources. No one really cares if you start on the obsidian island lol. (Big mistake for me)

    Money tips:
    If you are planning to stay and be competitive, you really need this.
    Keep in mind that you will have to sell the produce from these farms on the shop!
    Thanks /island minishop!

    Cactus farm
    This will most likely be your first money grinder because it's cheap and you will literally just stand there and farm it. This is currently one of the best money farm that you will need when you are just starting and while in your mid tier island.

    You can use villagers to automate farms such as wheat, and beetroot. These are the only crops that are profitable at the moment but it'll be hard to create because you'll need villagers for this to function properly.
    I don't really suggest making one because there is a villager limit per island which increases if you have more members.

    Iron Farm
    This money farm also requires villagers but once you managed to make one of these bad boys, you'll be swimming in cash as long as you can afk for long periods of time. I'm sure that if you play sb, you already know how to make one but if not, just search on youtube! There's a lot of them out there.

    Skyblock won't be easy because it's supposed to be a hardcore game mode! But with these, it'll make your life much better.
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