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Skyblock lucky crates

Discussion in 'Denied' started by Ace, Jun 9, 2018.

  1. Ace

    Ace Popular Meeper

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    So everyone who played Skyblock or have been there probably knows about that creeper that gives you free stuff! Yea... that creeper Corey!

    Anyways, so Corey the Creeper stopped giving out stuff almost the same time as the voting went down. There's literally no way for us to get those goodies. Unlike voting, we can only claim these rewards every 7 days and I think that's already a huge pain.

    There's also an on going issue with the merchant at the moment where some sales doesn't register thus, failing to give you money. I'm still doing some testings regarding this but this is actually confirmed.

    I'm bringing up 2 suggestions here that may improve the experience of players in skyblock.

    Skyblock Events:
    We should have Skyblock events where players can obtain goodies from the lucky crate or maybe something more rewarding.

    Skyblock Achievements:
    Now if you are a Skyblock player, I'm sure you are fully aware of the leader board. But what really is the point of the leader board? Just to display who has the highest level? Cool you have 10k levels? Nice.

    What I suggest here is that achieving a minimum amount of island levels should reward the players for their efforts to grind a really long time to have the best island

    For example;
    Island level 5,000 = Nice Stuff
    Island level 10,000 = Cool Stuff
    Island level 15,000 = Awesome Stuff
    So on.
    The rewards here should probably be the items from the crate really.

    This will not only give players things that they deserve for achieving something like this. It also promotes the competitiveness between islands. Right now, there's really no point on getting more and more levels with the exception of staying on the leader board but that's just it. Give us a purpose to keep going!
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  2. smk

    smk Celebrity Meeper

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    Once Corey the Creeper is fixed, these will not be prevalent issues. Events in the future can be orchestrated.
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