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Some Not-Boring Stuff That's Here

Discussion in 'Creative' started by MaestroLC, Mar 26, 2018.

  1. MaestroLC

    MaestroLC Popular Meeper

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    So, it may just be my opinion, but I think that Meep is running a little dry on the energy and fun. _RCHT_ and I have been creating a place in Creative that revives that fun. We have some Minigames that are still in Meep, and some that have been removed, or some originals of our own. We don't quite have a /pwarp for it yet, but see us in Trade Chat for our advertisements, because we'll be hosting a few previews to our games and we'll be giving out free prizes without fees! We're working to build more minigames and eventually a casino, but for now, keep an eye out for some fun stuff we'll be hosting. Thanks!

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  2. _RCHT_

    _RCHT_ Popular Meeper

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    Can't Wait for Opening!

    (LOL like my nice message I created?)
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