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still here

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by CreeperCristi, Nov 24, 2018.


Am I still a pleb

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  1. CreeperCristi

    CreeperCristi Popular Meeper

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    I know another thread like this probably already exists and this is probably the wrong place to put it, but eh, I couldn't resist writing this when the thought came to mind

    Straight to the point: MeepCraft, this place once was a pretty fine escape for me, I was heading into my final third of middle School at a completely different one and I had pretty much no one by my side at this point; Then I found this place, it was alive, active and fun, I was welcomed and ignored as any Citizen would be, but what drew me in was the sheer community and uniqueness Meep brought me, resulting in me going from Premium, and later on to an Elite member
    Of course, I was very immature, and honestly, not much has changed; I mean, my old Helper app's should say it all really, but that immaturity also gave way to help me make some close friends, especially since again,
    I pretty much had no one at the time

    Although, I still talk to some of those few friends every now and then, and it makes me smile, knowing that they still remember the memories we all shared (You know who you are ;))
    Like I said though, MeepCraft was a dramatic help for me back in 2015, even through to 2016 despite going on hiatus, not only because of the community, but because it gave me experiences no other server had and has to this day; Be it the pay2win KitPvP (Ew), CTF or the even just Towny B/A, all of it was worth it

    Now you're probably getting sick of me just reminiscing and rambling on, and I understand, I'm trying to keep this as short as possible without vomiting words everywhere; Why am I writing this in the first place though?


    I did want to give a big thanks to what this community left me with way back in 2015, all of you people and especially staff are what kept me coming back, even despite my atrocious activity levels; I really don't know what I would've done if I had never found this place
    Thanks for everything, for the memories, friends and overall positivity = )

    Just thank you

    this is starting to sound like a low-quality helper app so im leaving it here, i apologise for making you read my trash

    tl;dr: thanks for making me feel special
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2018
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  2. Meznik

    Meznik Popular Meeper

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  3. Toastie

    Toastie Celebrity Meeper

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  4. CasualNuker

    CasualNuker Popular Meeper

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    +1 lol jk
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  5. Lt_Sponge

    Lt_Sponge Popular Meeper

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    Still here more like still there haha shotsfired gottem gamershot dork

    Ily cristi sorry <3 <3
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  6. WhoNeedsJimbo

    WhoNeedsJimbo Popular Meeper

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    biggie smalls is the illest
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