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Summoning animals typo

Discussion in 'Resolved/Denied' started by boombox123, May 16, 2017.

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  1. boombox123

    boombox123 Popular Meeper

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    Bug: Summoning animals typo

    IGN: boombox123

    Date of Bug: Unknown ??

    Summary of Bug: Very simple It doesn't need to be fixed but there is a typo, when it says for instance boombox123's dog it puts two apostrophes so its spelt boombox123''s dog, its not a huge bug and doesn't need to be fixed but its still sort of a bug

    Evidence of Bug:

    Additional information: Nope
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  2. CluelessKlutz

    CluelessKlutz King of the Nerds Staff Member Super Mod

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    We can't edit the mcmmo plugin too much, due to the nature of the config. It would take a lot more time to fix this than it is really worth. Denied!
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