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SwordBreak Haven Now Open

Discussion in 'Towns Archive' started by xxKissx0, Jan 20, 2018.

  1. xxKissx0

    xxKissx0 Popular Meeper

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    Hello Meepers, If you are looking for a Large Mountain town then look no further!

    The town is Opened so you can join do /warp towns than do /t join Swordbreak_Haven

    If you want to just check the town out do /t spawn Swordbreak_Haven

    I am looking for Staff to join the Community!
    • Assistants
    • Builders
    • Recruiters
    I will provide as many Materials for the builders as much as I can.

    Town Rules will Take effect on (Jan/27/2018)
    1. No, and I mean no, foul language. (This is in the server rules last I checked.)
    2. No dirt houses, a little bit of dirt is OK but NO, full dirt houses.
    3. The max height you can build without my consent 20 is high. (Though, if you get my consent, you can build higher.)
    4. Be Kind to others if you do not like that person do not build near them
    5. No /Tpa people in the Arena With you to kill them (As far as I know that is also in the server rules.
    6. No Making traps out in the open to kill people with (That is a temp/perm Ban from the Server Staff
    7. Respect the town Staff if they are treating you in a bad way /mail xxKissx0 or the Server Staff they will handle if it is that bad.
    8. Do not Build on the roads unless you claimed that Other plot across from you. (unless it has a Road Sign for it)
    9. Your Plots will be put up for sale if you are gone for 30 days put a sign on your plots saying you will be gone longer the max days you may be gone is 90 days
    10. Do not tear down the mountains you can dig in the mountain but do no tear chunks out of it you will be kicked
    11. If you have a Plot with shop chest on it I or Town Staff will change it to a Shop plot.
    Staff Rules
    1. No Stealing from player Plots (Instant Ban)
    2. Do not abuse your powers
    3. Must be active at least once a day if possible if not 2 times a Week if daily is not Possible
    4. If a Player is not on for 30 Days you may put there plot up for sale unless they have a sign up saying they will be gone longer max is 90 days.
    5. Staff is also only allowed 9 plots
    6. If you own one of the Districts you can Make your own Rules for that District but no rules that Violet the first 3 and #7 Town Rules, District rules and Server rules
    Town Taxes/Plot Prices
    1. Plot Taxes: 0 Meeples
    2. Embassy Taxes: 150 Meeples
    3. Shop Taxes: 75 Meeples
    4. Plot Price: 50
    5. Embassy Price: 1000
    6. Shop Price: 1000

    Pros for joining

    • Friendly People
    • Plenty of Plots to chose from
    • you get 9 plots that you can claim!
    • Public Mine
    • Public Tree farm
    • PVP Arena (still WIP)
    • 50 meeples a Plot (free for now in tell Jan/27/2018)
    • Enchanted Table (at Spawn)
    • Ender Chest
    • A Local Town Shop
    • Food Farm
    • PvP District


    • Bad Spawn Building
    • No street signs (WIP)
    • No Building Theam
    Coming Soon...
    • Districts
    • Shop or Mall/Market
    • Food farm
    • A better PvP Arena
    • Town Staff
    • Rank Seller Area
    • Drop Party Room
    • Horse Racetrack
    • Pig Racetrack
    • Spawner farm (If a Spawner can be found)

    Any Updates to the Town Will be Posted Below here

    1/25/2018: PvP District is opening Next week on the 1/29/2018 /pwarp Fight
    A new town Auto farm built 1/30/18
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2018
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  2. riri30

    riri30 Professional Napper Staff Member Mod

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    Congratulations and good luck!
  3. lanekids40

    lanekids40 Popular Meeper

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    do you think your town would be interested in joining the Mystical Realm?
  4. xxKissx0

    xxKissx0 Popular Meeper

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    We are in the Natation :D
  5. CasualNuker

    CasualNuker Popular Meeper

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    This is a great idea Aurora is very similar to this town
  6. xxKissx0

    xxKissx0 Popular Meeper

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    We are now a Large Town Yes! 23 People and growing!
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  7. CasualNuker

    CasualNuker Popular Meeper

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    Good Job!
    --- Double Post Merged, Jan 31, 2018, Original Post Date: Jan 31, 2018 ---
    Hopefully meepcity will beat our best of 200 residents!
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  8. diamondkid123456

    diamondkid123456 Popular Meeper

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    Good Job kiss, love your work!!!! You're really determined and I can see that in your amazing work!! Love your grand town idea! Keep it up :D Need anything, Adratopia's happy to help your town! Good luck dude!
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