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Tech Application from cdhoff

Discussion in 'Accepted' started by cdhoff, Mar 20, 2019.

  1. cdhoff

    cdhoff Well-Known Meeper

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    Member Name cdhoff

    Additional In Game Names: junior_tivo_tyro

    How old are you? 16

    Location: Illinois

    Do you have Discord? Yes - cdhoff#5530

    How many hours per day do you spend on Meepcraft? (average) 1-3

    Have you ever been a Tech on a different server? No

    References: Please give IGN's CluelessKlutz

    Introduction: My name is Chris Hoffman, and I am from Southwestern Illinois. I have close to a decade of computer experience and am striving to learn more each day. I have experience in plugin development, graphic design, game design, and web development. I have not been on Meep much lately, but I have been trying to play more, especially since KitPvP has began testing recently. It has been the most fun I have had on Meep in a long time. If there is anything else you would like to know, leave a comment, and I will reply as soon as I can.

    Please describe your experience as a developer. I have been developing for about 4 years now, but pretty much everything I have worked on has been deleted or lost in time. I was previously a developer on Meep (for a whole 5 days!) at the end of 2017 when I was 14. I said some stupid things to Achrow that I definitely regret, which got me kicked off of the development team. That was over a year ago, though, and it feels cliche to say I've changed since then.

    What programming languages are you familiar with? Java, C#, MySQL, Python, HTML and CSS.

    What are you most proud of as your work as a developer? Either my SupplyDrop plugin I worked on for Meep or my plugin called MineBullet (See below)

    How do you plan to enrich the experience of MeepCraft with your development contributions? I plan on doing everything I can to make the server a better and more feature-filled place and also interact with the community.

    Do you have a GitHub account or personal website? If so, please provide the link(s) here. juniortivotyro - Overview
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  2. WhoNeedsJimbo

    WhoNeedsJimbo Popular Meeper

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    -1 yOuR aPpLiCaTioN wAs tOo sMalL /s

    (+1 make the server a better place and stuff)
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  3. Kling

    Kling Break blocks not hearts

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    Despite your immaturity, I'm a + for anyone who has the tech knowledge and commitment to improve the server.
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  4. KyloMeep

    KyloMeep Aiden snaked Billy Staff Member Mod

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    Never properly had a talk to you before so I'm not sure what you're like on that front. However, Meep is in a place where it could do with getting all the help it can get. Seems as though you're familiar with a range of programming languages means you are most likely capable of helping fix bugs or implementing new ideas which is good. For that reason I'm going to give you a +1. Good luck, hope to see you on the team
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  5. cdhoff

    cdhoff Well-Known Meeper

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    I'm amazing. Ask me, I'll tell ya.

    In all seriousness, if anyone does want to have a talk with me, I am completely open to that, publicly or privately. Just pm me on Discord or ask me while I am in game.
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  6. CluelessKlutz

    CluelessKlutz Badmin Staff Member Administrator

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    Accepted as a community developer, pending further work to move to full time developer at a later date.
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