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Best Posts in Thread: The Airship & Parkour Update + Server News

  1. Adrian

    Adrian Epic Staff Member Administrator Ambassador

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    Airship & Parkour Update + Server News

    After years, the Airship is once again ready to fly thanks to @Etherion . Every hour, the Airship will fly to a random map where you may raid chests for good loot while avoiding monsters. Make sure to be quick, as the map closes in 5 minutes!

    The following classic Airship maps have returned with more to come!
    • Titan’s Lair

    • Cae Bae

    • Kingdom of Ice

    • Witch’s Lair
    New Parkour Maps!
    Parkour now has 4 new maps! Be sure to check them out.

    Wonderland [Easy] - Built by @andrewrobins


    Chernobyl [Easy] - Built by @0zblox and @alex77034


    Event Parkour [Medium] - From the Sunday Event 3 weeks ago [​IMG]

    Windmill [Hard] - Built by @0zblox


    Additionally, there is a poll in #community-polls asking for your thoughts on the parkour progression system.

    Server News
    It’s been a busy couple of weeks with a lot of new content and more to come, here’s a recap and a look into what is coming!

    Bugs Squashed & New Features
    • Meep now runs on 1.16.5
    • /rtp now works in Towny!
    • Players can now /kit Starter every 24h
    • Diver Notes now work as intended
    • Miner notes have been added to the trade-in NPC
    • Player Collisions are disabled in Parkour
    • Jobs Leaderboards have been fixed
    • Cactus and City Parkour now have /heal signs!
    • Regen in Parkour has been buffed
    • Optimizations have been made to reduce lag and increase TPS
    Recently Accepted Suggestions

    Projects In Progress


    The team is hard at work developing SkyBlock. Skyblock will have simple, but fun vanilla gameplay with a couple of fun twists ;). Staff members streamed a teaser for SkyBlock when Meep hit 56 players last weekend!

    Jobs Update-
    Jobs will be getting a major rework. We plan on incorporating your feedback via suggestions and surveys into this update. Stay tuned for more!

    Weekly Events-
    As always weekly events will be hosted every Sunday at 5 pm Eastern time! Compete against friends to win custom items! We hope to provide some fun, unique events during the coming weeks.

    Thank you,


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  2. Sir Ralphie

    Sir Ralphie Meeper

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    Man, thanks for what you do Adrian, you really the MVP man. I can't wait for what's in store for skyblock!
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  3. Jinkeloid

    Jinkeloid Celebrity Meeper Top Voter

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    I missed the picture, I demand a compensation!
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    LJJJJJJJ Popular Meeper

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    Sounds great. Can't wait for skyblock!