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Best Posts in Thread: The Arcade Update

  1. Fuzzlr

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    You can now visit the Arcade portal by typing /warp arcade in-game. The Arcade portal is a place where you can easily access any of the four unique minigames on MeepCraft. Each minigame was updated to 1.10.2 and many bugs were fixed.

    MeepCraft Minigames:
    • Infected
      • Join the battle against the zombies to stop the infection (or you might become one!)
    • Boomo
      • Blast your friends into bits in this exciting game based on Bomberman.
    • Skywars
      • Engage in a sky battle and win by being the last meepcrafter in the arena.
    • Halo
      • Based on the popular FPS- challenge your friends to a FFA or team fight.
    In the future, Halo will be updated with a simpler lobby and power-ups similar to the old game Laserstrike, which was discontinued. Many Laserstrike features will soon be available on Halo.
  2. fasehed

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    It's crazy how much we can get done when we work together and put our minds to it. Great job Fuzzlr and the staff team!
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