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The IceGame's 1 year anniversary reopening!

Discussion in 'Towns Archive' started by Vexmae, Mar 18, 2018.

  1. Vexmae

    Vexmae St★rGazer

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    it has been exact 1 year since I had created my pwarp IceGames,
    (Original thread The IceGames )

    I have been working on it for a bit and decided to reopen the area and its games, I have reworked on the racetrack to make it more lengthier and enjoyable for all, and the classic ice boating rink has been increased in size, I have Opened the doors for everyone to enter for free for the next 3 days, but make sure you bring your own boat


    As soon as the 3 days is up price of entry will be 100 meebles, you would buy a boat at the chestshop behind the doorway and wait at the door for it to open

    The original idea was made by Yours truly, Magnoot, Fallnggravity (lucatunes), and EmperorMeznik

    we are currently hiring people to help organise events, and suggest/help make new events to add to the games

    isn't really much to say haha, most of it is already written on the old thread so go check that out!​
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