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The MeepCraft Times #17

Discussion in 'News' started by Courtneyyy, Sep 2, 2016.

  1. Courtneyyy

    Courtneyyy Admin Princess

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    @AdrianIsEpic MeepParty 2016

    Welcome to The MeepCraft Times, the twice-monthly update to keep the community in the loop with what’s new, behind the scenes, and in the works. This will be published every other Friday.

    New Additions/Changes

    MeepCraft Update
    After being a 1.8.9 and 1.9 compatible server for so long we finally decided to fully update to 1.10. While doing this we released a new spawn which you can look at photos in Fuzzlr’s post here. We also created a new towns world with a whole new economy to work with. Curious? Read Fuzzlr’s full summary of our 1.10 update here.

    The wait is finally over it was implemented and we’ve received such great feedback! Head on over to /warp skywars to start your next PvP adventure. For more information about it view this post by Fuzzlr himself!

    Have no fear the wild is here! Head on over to a legacy world and simply type /wild and you’ll be in the wild and able to gather resources. Both TownsA and TownsB have their own wild world for you to gather resources. Update from Fuzzlr!

    /warp forest, /warp waterpark, and /warp elytra
    Head on over to the forest and check out the amazing waterpark and the new elytra course! Go if you may but be prepared for huge drops and a swirls of fun at the waterpark and test your flying skills as you soar through rings around the forest! Try to complete Fuzzlr’s Elytra Challenge for more info click here!

    Meep Texture Pack
    We have installed a new texture pack that is totally awesome! Your /effect’s look different and fireworks show up now! As you can see here some of us had a mini firework party with @me64. To enable the new meep texture pack, click on the server and click edit, then click “server resource packs” and click it till it’s enabled, and boom you have it!

    Player Collision
    Tired of people pushing you? No worries that is all fixed now!

    Our forums page was updated with a ton of new features such as liking comments on profile posts. Go check it out!

    Parkour is back up with a new lobby! Choose one of our seven maps and enjoy playing! (more info here)

    Our trello card where we store all of the current issues and suggestions has been updated and organized. Check out our trello card for more info here.

    You can now buy and sell 1.10 items to the shop!

    Bugs Squashed

    Players and their heads
    You can once more right click a player or their head to see their /seen information!

    The in game calculator has been fixed and is now ready for use!

    Jobs now level up correctly.

    Now you can enjoy having hearts float all around you again or whatever floats your boat.

    You no longer have to deal with that pesky internal server error anymore it works perfectly now!

    For a while voting was down but now it's back up! Don't waste your votes make them count at meepcraft.com/pages/vote/ for at least 8k in prizes! Also, we fixed the ability to vote with not so nice names so make sure you use your in game name to get those prizes!

    You can now do /back without being kicked from the server or getting an error message!

    Offline bug
    When warping to somewhere in the game and someone tried to message you they were sent the message that you were offline, not anymore you don’t have to worry about waiting 30 seconds in between warping to message people!

    Community Events

    Push Fuzzlr!
    Players gathered around and realized that @Fuzzlr had gone AFK and thanks to 1.10 they decided to push him from main spawn to the MeepClub then back through spawn to the MeepForest. It was so much fun and everybody involved had a grand old time, even @Cooleysworld joined in on the fun and then Fuzzlr came back and finished his venture through the waterslide. There was a forum post made by @Wiggle_Waggle_ view the pictures from that day here!

    Hide and Seek
    @Cooleysworld played a couple awesome games of hide and seek in spawn and the winners of said games were to win VIP! Congratulations to krazzysomething on your new rank!

    Fuzzlr’s Elytra Challenge!
    Got some wings and want to put them to use? Why not try Fuzzlr’s Elytra Challenge, go to /warp elytra and try the course! Let us know how you do! Go here for more information!!

    Humans Of MeepCraft - Feat. @MamasLittleDevil


    What brought you to MeepCraft?
    Well, I was looking for a new server, and meepcraft had a lot of games to offer.

    How did you come up with your in game name?
    My in game name is a mix of a friends youtube name with something just that I thought of

    What’s your favorite minecraft block?
    My favorite minecraft block would be dark oak in general, it has a maroon look that looks warm to put in a home.

    Are you happy with the new updates on Meep?
    I would prefer it to be in 1.8-1.9 but it’s nice to see meep is updating but I'm not sure on the meeble rates. But in general I think Meepcraft updated with a new spawn it’s good, if not great.

    What is your favorite food in real life?
    It would have to be oreos, not the healthiest option, but it floats my boat.

    How’s your town in Gamma?
    My town in gamma is a nice small town, there isn't any tax, which is good, and a lot of people are here who are very friendly.

    Anything else you'd like to add on?
    In general, I think Meep is a wonderful place with such nice staff and admins, it’s nice to see such a server as involved as Fuzzlr is.

    Welcome to the Team!

    Congratulate @Kling, @Midnight_Galaxy, and @Deinen on their promotions to moderator! Keep up the excellent work!

    Get involved with the MeepCraft Times

    With every release of the paper we will pick a cover photo, a story, and a (free) advertisement submitted by the community. The owner of each piece of content will receive 8,000 meebles and have their name featured in the article, below their content. Fill out the form here to submit content. Happy Meeping!

    Ask a staff member for a 20% coupon code to the Shop!

    The next issue of The MeepCraft Times will be released 16 September 2016! See you then!

    This issue was created by: @Courtneyyy, @Muunkee, @NickxGold, @2004Grevous, @Midnight_Galaxy @Lady_Hestia
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  2. CluelessKlutz

    CluelessKlutz Badmin Staff Member Administrator

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    Awesome! The new update is really good so far, though I wish some things had been finished before.

    EDIT: Can't believe I got the "first" that quickly. . .

    Second edit: Allow me to reword that a bit;

    See, I love the update. I've wanted the server to update ever since 1.9 came out. I appreciate all the work that has been put in to the Update, Gamma, new spawn, the quests, Skywars, and all the rest. However, several friends of mine have quit because of it, because they still feel like it was a reset. I think things would've gone much more smoothly if it had been delayed another week, and the A/B Wild and Shop had released right with the update. It really does feel like A/B were cut off, which is just a prolonged reset. I'm happy that the Wild was released and the shop is being worked on, but I'd like to see updates to A/B that aren't just fixes. Many thanks to everyone who has worked on these projects, because while this kinda seems like a rant, I still love the update, overall.
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2016
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  3. Lady_Hestia

    Lady_Hestia Retro, Dance, Freak

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  4. SpongeyStar

    SpongeyStar Professor in Wumbology

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    Yay great issue :D :D :D
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  5. Niiicck

    Niiicck Retired SuperMod

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  6. Mjs6000

    Mjs6000 Popular Meeper

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    "No player collision" - welp there goes 50% of my time on meep now.
  7. TechnoTyson

    TechnoTyson Popular Meeper

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    Oh that meep party was great fun, everyone owes Bluapol and thanks you for that one
  8. Midnight_Galaxy

    Midnight_Galaxy *:・゚✧Hybrid Time Lord Fallen Angel*:・゚✧ Staff Member Super Mod

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    Looks good :)
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  9. Wiggle_Waggle

    Wiggle_Waggle Popular Meeper

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    ay thanks for the shoutout of my forums post! <3 @Courtneyyy
    --- Double Post Merged, Sep 2, 2016, Original Post Date: Sep 2, 2016 ---
    plus great issue staff team!!!
  10. AdrianIsEpic

    AdrianIsEpic Popular Meeper

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    I really like the update. Now my opinion but i think that the community is going downhill.
    Also you forgot to mention that i pushed cooley of a cliff in front of everyone
  11. Vexmae

    Vexmae St★rGazer

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    the no player collision has like stopped my donator spawn afk' people from getting into the spawn canon ;-;
  12. TheAngelEclipse

    TheAngelEclipse Popular Meeper

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    It's great to see that this is still going! I always loved reading The MeepCraft Times. :)
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  13. Pmx728

    Pmx728 Celebrity Meeper

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    Also stopped from people pushing you into the pvp arena or mob arena to steal your stuff. I also afked once in skywars and accelerance and kept pushing me into que and killing me to raise his score and lower mine. I'm glad they took it out.
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