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The MeepTimes #20

Discussion in 'News' started by Courtneyyy, Oct 14, 2016.

  1. Courtneyyy

    Courtneyyy Admin Princess

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    @XxxEvolutionX 2016 Advertisement: /pwarp 21 is one of the best mob-grinders on meep! We contain skeleton, cave spider, and also spider! Come check us out :D

    Welcome to The MeepTimes, the twice-monthly update to keep the community in the loop with what’s new, behind the scenes, and in the works. This will be published every other Friday.

    New Additions/Changes

    Nothing new to report!

    Bugs Squashed

    /warp forest
    The abundance of boats and the inability for them to despawn has been fixed! Go to /warp waterpark for a chance to slide down a magnificent slide!

    Recently Accepted Suggestions

    Name changes on forums
    See your bestie’s past names with a new addition to our forums!
    Trello card

    Banner changes
    A new donor perk is underway! Being able to add more than 6 patterns to your banner designs!
    Trello card

    Forum comebacks
    The old forum status updates and emojis are coming back
    Trello card
    Trello card

    Possible KitPvP changes
    The old map and/or kits may be making a comeback, as well as the old kit system with signs!
    Trello card

    Dedicated /pwarp tax time
    Your pwarps will all tax at the same time with this update.
    Trello card

    Top voter
    We’re gonna try to do the top voter event again!

    Meepquest ideas
    Here are some quick ideas for Meepquests! (If you have more ideas, PM @Muunkee on forums)
    Trello card

    Community Events

    Vip Giveaway
    @Forest decided to gift some longtime legendary players with their very own Vip rank! Congratulations to @evilalec555, @Klitch, @Imperfectly, @MattIsAPerson, @Cooleysworld, @PainCakexx1997, Sheashea16, and @~MiaCorn~ on your "new" ranks. See here for details.

    Creative War
    When a small cafe opened up in Creative, little did anyone know it would turn into a war! TNT cannons, arrow launchers, flamethrowers, and walls now decorate the four plots in the area, along with a fortress for each side. See pictures of the battle and builds here.

    /pwarp lotus
    Have you ever seen a massive lotus flower made out of minecraft blocks? Well, look no further a group of fellow meepers including Sheashea16 and @Arisingdarkness built one of the biggest guardian farms out there check it out! Thank you guys for holding a grand opening of it, it was simply phenomenal. For pictures of the build view them here!

    Server Events

    Edition #20
    This specific edition sparked a couple events across MeepCraft which included details and details to be added to the Times. To view the original post go right here!

    Holding events are always so much fun and usually has a big turn out! Thank you to all who came and participated in the few events we held celebrating our 20th edition! Congratulations to Mo_Budder on winning 28,001 at a game of Skeleton Drop, Me64 on winning 54,002 a game of Musical Chairs, MCbigbuilder on winning 38,457 at a game of Sumo, Drenin on winning 108,001 at a game of Skeleton Drop, Tweide on winning 47,676 at a game of Musical Chairs, o0Ajax0o on winning 1,667 at a game of Sumo and last but not least HeroBrianFishy at winning 11,531 at a game of Skeleton Drop!

    Player Story

    Shattered Hopes by @Versus

    "Uh, I think I may have found something."
    Fred and Sandra sat up and turned their heads to look at Philipa.
    "Found what, exactly?", Sandra inquired, "We've searched every damn inch of this place - nothing but cold stone. Surely we would have found anything there is to find here days ago..."
    She regarded her bland surroundings for what felt like the millionth time. The three of them were in an almost cube shaped stone room, lit with a dim light that didn't seem to be coming from any particular light source.
    "I think that's exactly the problem - we've been limiting ourselves to what we can find here", Philipa insisted.
    "So you're saying that you're imagining you found something... But what you found doesn't actually exist?", Fred demanded with a laugh, "Now that doesn't seem very plausible, does it."
    "Being stuck in here must be starting to influence our state of mind. We should go back to telling each other stories instead of talking about this nonsense", Sandra deduced, shaking her head.
    Philipa glared at the two of them and jumped onto her feet.
    "Just look at you two! No wonder you're not getting anywhere, you've just been sitting around telling stories! It's like you don't even want to get out of here!" …

    To continue reading the full story is here!

    Humans Of MeepCraft - Feat. @KlutchDecals


    With being an Admin you not only hold the highest position attainable on Meep but you are also the most trusted and the one who has to make hard choices. What has been some of the hardest choices you’ve had to make and how have you become a better person and Meeper because of it?

    I think one of the most forgotten facts about an admin is that I'm stuck in a position where I'm forced to make hard decisions for the server, while keeping players happy. Sure I would love to give everyone 1,000,000 Meebles but I have to make the choices 50% of people hate me for. I think the hardest decision I've had to make was the addition of Gamma and the move of A&B to legacy. Not only was I one of the players who felt the brunt of the pain, but I needed to look at it from the server side. Fuzzlr kind of gave me the "Do what you think" and I was forced to make the decision of risk. Possibly lose all players, or revitalize it. Overall I'm happy with the decision =]

    As most of us know you are a police officer how are some ways you incorporate being an officer of the law
    here on MeepCraft?

    I think one of the most beneficial parts of my job that relates to Meep is realizing that everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes you just get caught up in the moment or are in the wrong place at the wrong time. It also helps me not take things personally. Usually when a situation is developing on Meep, I take each side of the argument and talk to them 1 to 1. Hear each side of the story and come to my own conclusions from what evidence I gathered. It really helps a lot in a bunch of weird ways haha.

    What is something that has surprised you the most since we updated to 1.10 and added Gamma into our server?

    Honestly the thing that surprised me the most is the amount of support we got. I was really expecting everyone to want my head on a platter but the community came together and really had Meeps back. I wasn't expecting it to be that smooth.

    If you could be a famous person for a day who would you be and why?

    Robert Downey Jr. since he got to play me in a movie I think it would be awesome to see how it feels to be an actor. He also has an enormous collection of Ironman props from the movie sets and I would love to play with all of em. He does a lot of charity work and is (in my opinion) one of the greatest humans on planet earth.

    When you think about MeepCraft what is one word that comes to mind? Do you have it? Now think of a way you’d express it to someone else and how you’d use that one word to grab someone’s attention!

    Wondrous. I think that's the only word that can really describe the server in a whole. From the instant you log in, it's nothing but an adventure of exploration and leaves you wondering, whats this? The community is amazing and makes you just want to try every aspect of the server.

    Most of us know you have a glorious beard what would you do if you ever had to shave it?

    Unfortunately, I do have to shave it haha. It is NJ Police dress code to be clean shaven but my town doesn't mind. However when the state comes in for inspection I have 2 options. I can take the week off, or shave. Luckily I've gotten away the past 2 times with vacation days =p

    What are some things we do not know about you for example hobbies, interests, and/or what do you enjoy in life?

    Anything relating to guns, hockey, playing other games, and building things. Many of you have already seen my Instagram so you pretty much know what happens in my outside Meep life but these are my top activities. I've been collecting guns for a few years now and have built a pretty decent collection. I'm a huge Rangers fan and rarely miss a game. I also play ice hockey and street hockey in leagues. Left defense in both. I play a pretty big variety of games but my all time favorite is GTA and anything relating to it.

    After going to school for graphic design I got a little bit into prop making. Since then I've built a ton of game and movie props and love sharing them.

    I love talking about any of these so if you see me, message me!

    Have you had a funny mistake as a staff member and if so what was it?

    One time we came across this odd glitch where a kid was handing out books that made people pay each other. I was a helper so I grabbed Diana to help me. The kid handed Diana a special book that when she opened it, the book perm banned me. It's my only ban on record haha.
    There's also been a few times I've banned the wrong people and a few silly messages leaked into global meant for c=staff chat but i'll let you find them.

    Is there anything else you’d like to say to the readers of the MeepTimes?

    Ironman is better than Batman, stay in school, and thank you for being some of the most incredible people I've ever gotten the pleasure of meeting. Even though we only know each other from online, the relationships are genuine and I'm glad to call you guys my friends.

    Get to know The MeepTimes Staff

    Courtneyyy - I spend most of my time working at Disney but in my free time, besides playing Meep, I like to put together puzzles, go swimming and hula-hoop! I am obsessed with all things Disney and I overuse the exclamation point!

    Muunkee - I’m an art supply hoarder, and doodle lots. And I ride ponies and jump things. And am not a good writer <3

    NickxGold -I really like soccer and fitness… oh and gold.

    oKling - My hobbies include eating, football, fitness, music and being with friends.

    GroovyGrevous - I like pretty much the same things as the gentleman above ^, but I also love anime ;)

    CluelessKlutz - If there’s one word that describes me, think “nerd.” I’m a bibliophile at heart, and love working with statistics.

    Midnight_Galaxy - I’m weird and I’m proud, I enjoy reading, writing, and music. When I am a fan of something I am guilty of geeking out about it… *cough* Doctor Who and every book i’ve ever read *cough*

    QueenTiitan - I enjoy reading, writing, music, anime, soccer, and watching Steven Universe.

    Welcome to the Team!

    Congratulations @CyborgZeroX on coming back to the Helper team!.

    Get involved with the MeepTimes

    With every release of the paper we will pick a cover photo and a (free) advertisement submitted by the community. The owner of each piece of content will receive 8,000 meebles and have their name featured in the article, below their content. Fill out the form here to submit content. Happy Meeping!

    The next issue of The MeepTimes will be released 28 October 2016! See you then!

    This issue was created by: @Muunkee, @Midnight_Galaxy, @Courtneyyy, @kcschmidt
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    How to tell the Americans from the rest of the world soccer.
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    The Lotus has been fully completed now, so new pictures could be added :D
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    I don't want to
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    Woo! Awesome!
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    Really nice to see the community in one place :)

    Congrats @CyborgZeroX

    Oh and btw I fell off of Lotus without knowing how to use elytra, and I lost my god shovel and my eltra! Rip me :(
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    We now have the best staff team Out of all the others since I joined
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    @KlutchDecals used to have a ironman profile pic, did u know that kids?
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    It was actually me lol
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    Specific much
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    Got a problem?

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