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Best Posts in Thread: The MeepTimes #21

  1. Muunkee

    Muunkee Legendary art supply hoarder

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    -See the new Christmas decorations done by the lovely Courtney at /warp spawn!
    Welcome to The MeepTimes, the twice-monthly update to keep the community in the loop with what’s new, behind the scenes, and in the works. This will be published every other Friday.

    We decided to skip our last edition of MeepTimes due to not much changing!

    New Additions/Changes

    You can talk to our new weaponsmith in kitpvp instead of typing /kit.
    Little known fact - His real name is Jonathan.

    Bugs Squashed

    /warp waterpark
    Boats at Spawn now spawn and despawn regularly! They’ll despawn after a moment when not in use.

    /warp mobs
    Mobs can no longer escape their arena! Bash away!

    Recently Accepted Suggestions

    Nation improvements
    With all the new towns springing up, large nations are all the rage
    Trello card

    Pholos in spawn
    Want to advertise in Spawn? How about you rent a player hologram for everyone to see?
    Trello card

    Disguise note update
    When using a disguise note, you get 30 minutes of using the command instead of it automatically /dis’ing you.
    Trello card

    Server Events

    Muunkee and n00bslayer hosted a game which consisted of finding 16 random signs around spawn that were snippets from horror movies or tv shows. Find more about the event look right here.

    Halloween Event

    Just like last year we hosted the Halloween Event for a day where you had to defeat and kill the evil mobs and gathered up your pumpkins for special items! Everybody seemed to like it a lot this year as well. More about the event look here.

    Humans Of MeepCraft - Feat. PegasusFirestar

    How did you first find the server?
    I was searching for Minecraft servers almost two years ago, in February 2015, Meep came up on a popular server list and I figured to give it a shot c:

    What do you enjoy the most about the server?
    I love the community for the most part, and the minigames are fun haha.

    How did you come up with your name?
    Yikes, long story except it’s not that long. I was making up a username for the Apple Game Center. Firestar was taken obviously because of the Warriors (I had no idea what that was at the time.) And Pegasus was taken, shocker. So I just kinda put those two together. I was also obsessed with My Little Pony, yikes.

    So, you’ve obviously been playing Minecraft a while, correct?
    Yep! I actually started playing not too long before I joined the server. I had actually kinda been playing more on my friends’ computers, but never had an account.

    What is your funniest memory from learning to play the game?
    One was when Switchkawaii and I became friends again after a long time, we had no idea who each other was. It turns out we had been in a town together when she had a different username! My first town, actually. It was pretty cool. Funny, too, we laughed!

    Anything else you would like to add?
    High_Moon is open to people who need a town or an embassy plot. (Yay! Advertising!) I’m not good with public messages, lol. Maybe also /pwarp black bc it’s pretty cool.

    Welcome to the Team!

    Welcome @n00bslayer_99 to the helper squad! A big congratulations to @Kling and @GroovyGrevous on their promotions to SuperMod! Make Meep proud guys!

    Last but not least congratulations to @Courtneyyy on all of her hard work and dedication to get to the Administrator position. She has truly worked so hard to get to where she is now, hope you enjoy Admin Courtneyyy!

    Get involved with the MeepTimes

    With every release of the paper we will pick a cover photo and a (free) advertisement submitted by the community. The owner of each piece of content will receive 8,000 meebles and have their name featured in the article, below their content. Fill out the form here to submit content. Happy Meeping!​

    The next issue of The MeepTimes will be released 25 November 2016! See you then!​

    This issue was created by: @Courtneyyy, @Muunkee, @Cluelessklutz, @NickxGold

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