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Best Posts in Thread: The Meeptimes #34

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    Halo Hub

    Welcome to The MeepTimes, the twice-monthly update to keep the community in the loop with what’s new, behind the scenes, and in the works. This will be published every other Friday.​

    Server Updates


    The long desired mini game makes its return! Gear up and take down the enemy once again in /warp Halo!

    You can no longer run /request if you are in a town. Say farewell to the unnecessary spam!

    Bugs Squashed

    Travel to the mythical lands of the airship for loot and scenic views, mainly loot, once again!

    Recently Accepted Suggestions

    The long desired stocks plugin shall make its return! With some key changes, the plugin will be free of an abuse that previously existed.

    Trello Card

    Vein Miner
    Sneak up on the rocks, and launch a surprise attack, breaking the bunch with vein miner! Vein miner will allow you to break an entire vein of ores by mining one while sneaking. Too bad it doesn’t find the veins for you . . .

    Trello Card


    Climbing the leaderboard of a minigame and want to see where someone else is? SImply right click them! Instead of displaying /seen info, right clicking a player will also show their statistics in the minigame you are in!

    Trello Card

    The Project - CTF


    What is The Project?
    This new section of the Meeptimes is to inform the community about projects the staff team are working on. It is so you, the community, can become more informed in a fun way. In each edition of the times there will be one or two projects featured, these projects can come from any division, Developers, Architects, Media, and the moderation team who may be working on their own thing. We, the MeepTimes team, hope you enjoy this new section!

    What is it?
    Capture the Flag is a new minigame to MeepCraft where two teams are to battle it out to see who can capture the other team’s flag as many times as possible in a single game. The new gamemode will reward meebles but also haves own coins which can be used to buy and level up special kits.

    Who did it?

    • @Vamp1re_Man has been working on brainstorming and writing the code for the plugin.

    • @Kling, @Zarduck, @andrewrobins and @MiniArch_ have been working on creating several maps for the new game. In addition to this our newest architects, @0zblox and @_SenorBear are currently working on their own maps

    • @DBLOSEVN has been working with Vamp1re and Kling to help test and finalise the plugin.

    Let’s Talk!
    Over the past week questions have been sent off to some of the key people involved in this project. Using their answers, let’s get some insight on this week's project - CTF!

    As a builder/tech working on this project, in detail, What was your role?
    My role throughout this project was to first brainstorm what the new CTF should be, as I wanted to make a lot of changes from the old plugin into a game that more resembled a true game of capture the flag. I then had to write the code for the plugin, testing each feature on a private server along the way. Finally, along with the help of dblosevn, I needed to test the plugin on the actual CTF server to squash any bugs and properly set up the config files. - @Vamp1re_Man

    I worked on the CTF map "Moria" which is set underground with two fortresses resembling something u might see in the hobbit on a smaller scale :p - @Zarduck

    As one of the architects, I built the ice terrain map and the majority of the castle map. I had help from both Andrew and zarduck on the castle map to make sure it was ready for the players to have fun on. - @MiniArch_

    Being the initiator and somewhat observer for the project. It had been asked about by plenty of community members on a constant basis when or if it would be brought back, I would bring CTF up from time to time as it would be shrugged off until Fuzzlr gave us the green light. Doing this I have assisted forming CTF and viewing the work of Vamp, Mini and Zar. I am far from tech savvy but knew Vamp could be trusted to do a beaut job with coding the plugin, I would check up with him on progress and the additions he had made. With the arch team I assisted and told them what was needed to make a well balanced map, the rest was up to them. - @Kling

    I guided a few of the architects on what they could touch up to make the maps slightly more appealing showing them a few techniques. - @andrewrobins247

    What was your favourite part about this project?
    My favourite part of this project would have to be writing the code for the first, barebones version of the plugin - teams, flags, maps and config file reading. It’s really rewarding to be able to see these basic features come together into a working, fun game to play. - @Vamp1re_Man

    My favorite thing to work on is definitely the terrain, I get to decide where most players will go and in what way. - @MiniArch_

    Blimey it would definitely be working on the project as well as watching the progress that Vamp, Mini and Zar had made. It is one thing making sure everything is on track heading in the right direction but working with them has been great and this is the first project of many. They have done an absolute pearler of a job creating this and all credit goes to them! - @Kling

    What is your favourite map?

    So far my favorite map I've made is the castle, but out of them all I like zarducks the most, shoutout to him. - @MiniArch_

    I can't decide between the three, the snow map is a bang on track from point A to B. Medieval is simple with three access points and the underground is dwarven so you can't split it there. Alex and 0z are still building their maps so it will be a surprise to all of us! - @Kling

    Instead I will give you my favourite aspects of the builders.
    MiniArch: When people keep things simple it usually ends up bland. Not with him because he utilized terraforming for depth and made simple wonderful.
    Zarduck: Definitely his creativeness, I was not expecting an underground map and his versatility in building styles is quite interesting.
    AlexBear: His layering within builds is quite good since temples are quite boxy he's done a great job adding a little flair.
    0zBlox: Definitely thinking outside the box. Unfortunately I have not seen the end product but it looks as if there was possibly a couple layers on the map, I am quite intrigued. - @andrewrobins247

    What is your favourite feature in this newly improved CTF?
    I was reluctant at first about there being no mining to gain ores as well as it becoming slightly less strategic but the kits will be a new aspect for a fast paced capture the flag, there could be more kits to come and there will be additions/changes after it is released. - @Kling

    What are you most excited for everyone to see/experience?

    I am most excited about the amount of teamwork that will be needed in the new game to succeed. The new version of CTF will be a fast paced game with players being able to easily capture your flag if there is a hole in your defense. The new kits will also allow for new strategies to be made with all sorts of different combinations of kits amongst a team being possible. You can rush with scout, defend with builder, shoot players down with archer and so much more with the other kits. - @Vamp1re_Man

    What is your favourite kit?

    I would go for the Demolitionist kit any day. Would not want to be on the receiving end of those levitation grenades. - @Vamp1re_Man

    How do you think player will like the new maps?

    I think the players will love these maps, since there are only 2 teams each game it will be harder and easier at the same time. The architect team has some great maps coming out, some basic and laid back others hype and lit. - @MiniArch_

    Do you have anything else to add?

    All that's left is for someone with console access to do the final tweaks and then it's all good. My main focus is still towny to which I have finally brought up an addition that should be possible without dramas. With that being said hopefully a decent amount of you will play CTF because I love an easy win. - @Kling

    Thanks Midnight for doing the MeepTimes and message me ingame if you need help because I will try. - @Zarduck

    I hope everyone will enjoy the new minigame, we’re all very excited to see how you guys like it! As kling said, our main focus is towny and we would love to hear what you guys think we should add. The ways that we can add to and change towny are somewhat limited, however we would still like to get as many suggestions as possible! - @Vamp1re_Man

    Storytime with the Crew - The Boomo Championships

    Explosions rang out. Flames erupted from every side. The air thick with the foul smell of sulfur. The lead up to The Grand Boomo tournament had begun some time ago, and had been raging ever since. One particular group of friends had embarked on their path to victory together, agreeing not to attack each other until the competition had been wiped out. The group of six had bonded over victories in their qualifying rounds. Now, in their preparation to the very final match, only they remained.

    “Don’t blow me up so quickly!” Spongey cried, as Silver placed several tons of explosives nearby. The group of six were practising and bettering their skills by using each other to practise.

    “Well, did you expect me to take it easy on you?” Silver teased. Back and forth, they tried trapping the other.

    “You’re both easy!” Draqq taunted. Swiftly, Silver dashed around Draqq, encasing him in the dangerous blocks.

    “No!” he shouted enraged, as the first TNT went off, instantly removing him from the match. Smiling proudly, Silver’s moment of triumph turned into his own tragedy as Martha snuck up behind him, igniting enough of the deadly block to take him out of the match.

    “Darn it!” Silver exclaimed so loud that everyone in the arena heard him shout. As Spongey attempted to sneak away, she ran over to the opposite side of the arena, and hid up against some of the leaves. Unaware of what was behind her, Spongey moved closer to the leaves, there was only one person left aside from her. Martha noticed a had escaped, and snuck up behind the unsuspecting victim and ignited the weapon. Spongey heard the fuse go off but couldn’t make it away in time.

    “NOOOOO!” Spongey screamed in defeat, throwing her hands into the air.

    “Ha! I win again!” Martha taunted, boasting her win. “Now there’s only a few more matches like this, and I will win the title of Boomo Master!”

    “Don’t be so arrogant, you’ve only won twice before!” Draqq commented snidely from the sidelines.

    “Yeah, and how many times have you won?” Martha retorted causing Draqq to glare in response.

    “Why don’t you have a go against Lily and I?” Sammoth asked, stepping forward from the balcony.

    “You’re on!” Martha responded smirking.

    “Let’s do this!” Lily exclaimed, thrilled to begin.


    The six continued to battle it out over the next few days, eagerly anticipating the final. The day was finally here, the be all and end all of all

    As the tournament began, the party all entered into the portal at once, determined to win against the many others who were flowing around them. Spotting a few familiar faces, they greeted their soon-to-be opponents.

    “Well hello there.” a friendly voice came from behind the group. Turning around, they spotted qazini, BloodyGhost, and _Jeter_. As many others entered in front of them, the friends spoke for a while and complemented each other on how many wins everyone had.

    “Some of them might have more experience than us, but they’ve also never faced us, so it’ll be interesting, for sure,” Sammoth noted. “We’d better go into the portal before it starts without us!”

    They were the last ones to enter, a whoosh surrounded them as they stepped through.

    “That was close, only ten seconds until it started!” Lily whispered to them. Ding, ding, ding, the final countdown continued. The match had begun.

    Immediately, bursts filled the air as everyone scrambled to collect items to use later. Within a few seconds, the first one to get blasted appeared on the screen overhead. “BloodyGhost was blasted by Draqq!” it declared. A chain reaction of early deaths continued, with several more coming to the end of their run in the tournament.

    Time passed, and the items collected near the start were beginning to be used. Fireballs engulfed entire rows of the arena with the sheer might of the TNT.

    “Ugh, my head is spinning from trying to watch the people who speed by me,” Martha complained. Swiftly placing a row of explosives, she chuckled as it caught _Jeter_ by surprise.

    Continuing a rampage of his own, Silver swept around the edges, hoping to catch someone off guard. Players continued to get eliminated out of the game, until it was only the group of six left.

    “Now the real match has begun!” Silver shouted.

    “Umm, how about you begin somewhere not near me!” Spongey yelled at Silver, dashing past him. Running towards the wall, she ran straight into one of Draqq’s rows, but ducked behind a pillar with mere moments to spare.

    “Nooo!” Silver yelled, as Sammoth attempted to encase him in TNT. Kaboom! When the smoke cleared, he did not see Silver any longer. “Haha, over here!” Silver taunted, and ran off towards the middle.

    Meanwhile, Spongey had recovered from her close call, and snuck up on Draqq.

    “Got you!” she shouted, as she quickly placed TNT all around him. However Draqq was faster, after leveling up his speed he was able to narrowly escape, “Dammit.” Spongey muttered.

    On the other side of the arena, Martha and Lily went back and forth in bursts of explosions. As they continued to dodge and evade the blasts, they began moving towards the center of the map. Sammoth trailed behind them, keeping just out of range while he waited to strike.

    “That prize will be mine!” Martha shouted, placing more of the explosives. As Lily swerved to the side to dodge, Spongey came from the edges headfirst into the blast radius. Only a rapid movement to the side managed to keep her in the game. Little by little, the six came closer together, their eyes filled with a greedy shimmer of gold.

    “Argh, why won’t any of you die!” Draqq exclaimed angrily.

    “How about you go first?” Lily teased.

    They taunted back and forth until there were no more leaves left in the arena, and no more boosters to aid them. The six stood still, spread apart, glaring at each other. Waiting for the first to make a move. Then, all of a sudden, from one corner Sammoth, whom is normally quiet, lets out a shrill battle cry, “AGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!”

    All six charged at each other, all placing down bundles of tnt, attempting to encase their enemies. Running around, placing their powered weapons, they all failed to notice one small thing: they each had managed to trap someone, but it wasn’t who they wanted to… They had trapped themselves.

    Each person didn’t notice until it was too late. With an enormous explosion, the game was over, with no winner. Stunned silence filled the arena, as this had never happened before.

    Slowly, the six friends walked towards one another, realizing that none of them had truly won the title, or the prize.

    “Guess we’re all the Boomo Masters.” Silver mused.

    “I guess, but maybe we are best as just friends.” Martha smiled at the group.

    “Does this mean we can’t blow each other up anymore?” Lily asked, acting slightly disappointed.

    “Of course not! Let’s just not take it quite so far next time.” Sammoth added.

    “Now you’re all going to spend your share of the jackpot in my casino, right?” Spongey inquired.

    “Never! That place steals money!” Draqq exclaimed, as the rest laughed, heading back to their beloved towns.

    The End!

    Players included: @Silver01, @Draqq, @Poison Clara, @Sammoth_Mammoth, @SidTheSeaStar, @Marthacuddles, @Qazini, @bloodyghost and @MrAwesomeBro

    Humans Of MeepCraft - Feat. @Bfy


    How did you first find the server?
    I found it while browsing a server list.

    What would you say is the best part?

    There’s a lot of room for speaking globally. The people are really nice, active, and special, too. People are good to accept new players and help, as well. I remember that from when I started.

    If you were given a million Meebles right now, what would you spend them on?

    I’d probably get a new rank, and then spend it on friends.

    What’s the best Star Wars movie?
    The most beautiful will be The Last Jedi, but Rogue One was a really good experience, in my opinion, because I was on vacation at that time.

    What is your favorite memory on the server so far?
    For me, giving away stuff is always a good memory, like giving away capes the other day.

    Anything else you’d like to add?
    Keep calm and egg on! /pwarp egg is coming soon!

    Welcomes and Farewells

    A big congratulations to @smkorpi to being accepted onto the helper team! We also welcome @0zblock back, and congratulate @_SenorBear on being accepted for architect! We’re looking forward to the many builds they will create.

    We bid farewell to @DarkThunderz who was a member of the media team! Good Luck in life!​

    Social Media!

    Be sure to follow us on our social media platforms to get sneak peaks and be kept up to date on all things meep!




    Get involved with the MeepTimes

    With every release of the paper we will pick a cover photo and a (free) advertisement submitted by the community. The owner of each piece of content will receive 4,000 meebles and have their name featured in the article, below their content. Fill out the form here to submit content. Happy Meeping!

    The next issue of The MeepTimes will be released June 23 2017! See you then!​

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    My map is finished. I can't wait to share it!
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    I liked reading this, made my cornflakes magically taste better....
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