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Best Posts in Thread: The MeepTimes #45

  1. Midnight_Galaxy

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    Welcome to The MeepTimes, the twice-monthly update to keep the community in the loop with what’s new, behind the scenes, and in the works. This will be published every other Friday.​

    Community Events

    Meepmas Secret Santa!
    This year, another member of the community will be hosting a secret santa for all of the community. This years secret santa will be hosted at /pwarp secretsanta! Find out more information here.

    Bugs Squashed

    Perk Crates
    An issue with perk keys not being distributed properly has been patched!

    Server Updates

    AFK Changes
    Standing in one place for too long now sends you directly to spawn.

    New Quest Plugin
    While this doesn’t mean you can do the same quests over again, the new quest plugin is here! It will allow us to greater expand how many quests we can add.

    A new parkour plugin has been added! Find out more in the project!

    The Project: Parkour Updates!


    What is the new Parkour plugin?

    Over the past few days, our hardworking parkour team, with the help of @LordInateur of course, have implemented a new plugin that will bring much desired aspects to parkour. You can now /pa challenge (course) (player) to compete in your favourite maps! You can also leave parkour and continue where you left off!

    Who’s been working on this?

    • @Midnight_Galaxy and @EllieEllie have been working hard on implementing this plugin and setting everything up.

    • @LordInateur has been assisting with everything they needed and fixed the bugs that were found along the way!

    Let’s Talk to our Parkour Team!

    What was your main role whilst working on this upgrade?

    I'd been looking for a new plugin for a while that incorporated everything people were asking for, so once I'd found this one I had a word with Lord and we discussed adding a few tweaks to it to make it Meep-compatible, for instance the 7-day cooldown etc. After we tested it on the dev server, we started implementing it in-game. It's the first thing I've been able to properly get hands on with since I'm not very techy so it's been a lot of fun. I set up some of the maps myself and readjusted the holo's so everything was updated. - @EllieEllie

    After EllieEllie pointed me to this plugin, I carried out plugin modifications, implementation, and testing. - @LordInateur

    My role was assisting lord and ellie with implementing the plugin, by setting up the parkours and checkpoints, to finding bugs and even patching some shortcuts (Sorryyyy). - @Midnight_Galaxy

    What was it like working with each other on this project and what was your highlight of the experience?

    EllieEllie and Midnight_Galaxy had some wonderful ideas, and it was great being able to work with them in real-time on the server to get everything implemented in a timely fashion. - @LordInateur

    I've always worked well with Mid, it was nice to see one of our projects come to fruition. It's actually my first time working closely with Lord and it's been a pleasure, he's really talented at what he does and we all had a laugh together whilst working on it. - @EllieEllie

    I feel working with ellie and lord was extremely fun and successful, we quickly got everything set up and managed to get it done relatively quick. To me my highlight was being able to be hands on in a project, being able to see it from the start and then help finish it, that was pretty cool. - @Midnight_Galaxy

    What do you think everyone will enjoy the most within this new parkour plugin?

    To me i think everyone will enjoy that checkpoints now save if you log off, because it will give more people the chance to give the longer maps a go without having to complete them within the time they are online for, and not fear being kicked and have all their progress being lost. - @Midnight_Galaxy

    For sure the fact that it saves checkpoints now, but there are also some smaller commands like /pa challenge and /pa invite where you can challenge your friends to a course or just invite them to the one you're on and take it steady. - @EllieEllie

    Out of the many upgrades that we added, I think that the ability for users to save their checkpoints when they log off will be extremely exciting. - @LordInateur

    What is your personal favourite aspect of this plugin?

    My personal favourite is that the plugin was so easy to set up when it came to adding the courses back and getting them running smoothly that it opens up possibilities for more maps and features. - @EllieEllie

    My personal favourite is obviously that checkpoints save, because now i can attempt chillroom and not lose my progress when i rage quit! And being able to challenge someone is pre cool too. - @Midnight_Galaxy

    From a developer's point of view, the code for the plugin was extremely clean and very easy to modify, and the original plugin developers were wonderful to talk to. I'm a super terrible parkour player, so my favorite aspect of the gameplay is that the checkpoints actually work. - @LordInateur

    Do you have anything you would like to add?

    Enjoy this new plugin guys, we have worked hard to get this out quickly for you all, and i hope you really like it as much as we do! - @Midnight_Galaxy

    I hope you all enjoy the new plugin, please let us know if there are any bugs/issues you notice with it. Thank you to Lord and Mid for all your help with it, it's been a blast! - @EllieEllie

    I'm happy that we only had a couple of days of downtime for Parkour (we had to implement a lot of it live), and that's not something we see with other projects. I think it's incredibly important to have people that are passionate about the projects that we work on at Meep, so it was very enjoyable to work with these two on Parkour. - @LordInateur

    Storytime with the Crew - Maintenance!

    “Haha, yeah, it’s a bummer, but we gotta do it.”

    @ScaredyPants was flying around the Towns spawn. She and @LordInateur seemed to have a relaxed conversation in global. The maintenance approached, with a mere one minute before the server was shut down.

    “Alright, I’ll see you on the other side,” grinned Lord.

    “Will do, see you soon!” Spongey replied.

    She continued flying, stopping every so often to find a parkour jump, discover a new nook or cranny.

    Then, the movement stopped.

    Server closed.

    Spongey relogged, and joined back to the server. The void greeted her, with the old /tell command unfortunately not working. She sighed. It was going to be a waiting game, then. Checking her phone, she waited patiently for the void to retreat and the server to boot up.

    Soon enough, the void was removed. Spongey was placed into the Towns world. The parkour jump she had been working on was there to greet her, but when she looked around, she gasped.

    The Towns spawn was gone. All that remained of the giant pickaxe was the small wooden part, the fountain dried into obsidian. The NPCs floated aimlessly in the air, waiting forevermore for players to right click them.

    Little did they know, the quests would never be completed again.

    It was 3am. All was quiet in the Towns world. She spotted global chat, unmoving except for the small pulses of advertisement. Meepcraft was… abandoned.

    Spongey warped around to each town, disguised as a rabbit. Legend, Braveheart, Peachstreet. Vines grew everywhere, the old nation capital now crumbling ruins. Spongey was shocked. Just last night she had visited here for a drop party. But now… it seemed to have aged years in mere hours. She shook her head, convinced this was all a dream.

    Braveheart served as a punch in the stomach. The delicately-built town spawn now lay destroyed in a huge blaze, smoke pillowing from the towers, fire consuming the last of what wood there was. Questions flew everywhere in her head. Was this an accident? Who did this? Is this related to the nation spawn? She searched around the rubble for a few minutes, peering under slabs of stone and wood to find nothing but ripped maps and signs. Spongey looked around, devastated at what remained of the town.

    Peachstreet served no different to the destruction. The dome-like building looked crumpled, lava spewing from the holes in the side of it. The sandstone floors looked like they had Spleef played on them, and anything that was flammable was gone. Spongey couldn’t believe it. She warped to different towns. Roxy, TendieTown, Eunoma, Mistveil. All gone. It was like a huge force had came and destroyed all that was left to be of the Towns world.

    Now extremely panicked, Spongey shouted in global. “Hello? Is anyone online?”. The deathly silence of the chat remained, with a quick /online command showing that she was the only one. Sure, maintenance had just occurred, but there would be some people online at this point.

    Spongey slumped in her chair. MeepCraft was gone. There was nothing left. Rest in peace Staff. Imagine having to deal with this, she thought.

    She waited. She had nothing else to do. Global remained as empty as ever, the application advertisement popping up for the sixth time in a row.

    Then, suddenly, a different message appeared.

    (Meepcraft) Type /warp wild to gather resources.

    (G/Towns) [Owner] Fuzzlr: Anyone here?

    (G/Towns) [Ultimate] ScaredyPants: yeah what’s going on fuzz??

    (G/Towns) [Owner] Fuzzlr: We’ve had a bit of a problem.

    Stay tuned for Part 2!

    Humans Of MeepCraft - Feat. @Epixaid


    What’s one reason you enjoy playing on Meep?

    One reason I enjoy playing on Meepcraft has to be the ability for me to do and build whatever I please very quickly with all the different commands and perks.

    What is it like being one of the richest players on the server?

    I don’t really notice a difference from when I only had 20k, it feels much the same now as it did then. I dislike spending money, but I like to help people with some of it.

    What would you say is your favorite version of Minecraft

    Okay, where to start . . . my favorite version is the Redstone update. I remember having a ton of fun playing around with hoppers trying to make cool farms using them, and without quartz, I wouldn’t still be playing Minecraft since I spent so much time collecting it for Meebles in old Meepcraft.

    What is your favorite Star Wars movie, and why?

    I actually have not seen any of them (sorry clue), but I’ve seen a really funny gif of one of them, so I’d have to say Episode IV.

    Since you have not seen Star Wars, what would you say your favorite movie is?

    My long-lasting favorite movie would be Toy Story. I first saw it when I was really young and loving the characters and colors. Since then, I’ve seen the movie at least once every year, and still enjoy it today.

    Welcomes and Farewells

    We bid goodbye to @Zarduck, one of our creative architects. Hope to see you around!

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    Get involved with the MeepTimes

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    The next issue of The MeepTimes will be released November 24 2017! See you then!

    This issue was created by @CluelessKlutz, @EllieEllie, @LordInateur, @Midnight_Galaxy
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    That's the nicest compliment ever!
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    awesome edition, you guys all better sign up for the secret santa!