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The Quartz City, Adratopia NEEDS YOU

Discussion in 'Towns Archive' started by diamondkid123456, Feb 12, 2018.


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  1. I Would Love to receive an embassy at adratopia

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  2. I would love to join Adratopia

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  3. I want to become town staff :D

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  4. Adratopia's a great town, but I'll pass

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  1. diamondkid123456

    diamondkid123456 Popular Meeper

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    Hello all meepcrafters, friends and allies....

    It gives me great pleasure to announce that Adratopia is now officially open for business!!!!! This thread will be split into 3 parts; The Town Advert; Town Info and Town Staff Positions.


    Ever wanted to build your house in a heavenly town? Then Come to Adratopia. With a high quality spawn, theatre complex, complementary villager trading, a warp room with street, outpost and pwarp signs and stylish roads, Adratopia's true luxury at an affordable price(100meebles tax/day).

    We have all the facilities YOU need and a place to meet. Our town has 2 primary outposts, the former town of Celestite and the GMA Precinct(Claimed and in planning). We are currently advertising for new residents and new embassy owners to come on over and join Adratopia!

    Town Information
    Adratopia is a metropolis situated near a river. We have 38 residents(at the time of publication) and charge a normal tax rate of 100(51/plot 49/res) and 300 for embassies. We have numerous places of interest including:
    The Theatre
    The theatre complex has 1 completed large theatre and 1 gate at the moment. It's a large underground complex.
    Staff Offices
    Staff offices are just, staff offices. They're located underneath spawn.
    Villager Trading
    Trade with a dozen or so villagers at villager trading!
    Warp Room
    Come here to use warp signs to /tpa to a selection of the best pwarps(msg me if u wanna advertise yours) and to /tpa to our embassies or to our street interchanges.
    Fuzzlr Interchange
    One of our many planned interchanges, just do /t outpost 6 and boom, ur near your plot(if u leave near the fuzzlr interchange that is)
    An old town, now under Adratopian control
    The Rule Room
    Yes, everything's stylish, including this xD

    The Roads
    Our roads are exceptionally stylish(exc. DiamondkidAve-Under road works)
    The Subway System
    Planned for Quartroposis Ave.
    Free Supplies to Newbies
    From town supplies, provided by Freya.
    And Much More!!!

    Existing town staff:
    Dictator/Mayor- Diamondkid123456
    Generals/Co-Mayors- Freyafrostwolf, Benandtom3


    Due to our rapid expansion, we need more town staff members!!! Positions available include: Builder, Recruiter and Assistant. All applicants must include name, rank, credibility and adhere to our rules on display at /t spawn adratopia. Please convince us why YOU would make the perfect candidate.

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