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The Warp Book v1

Discussion in 'Shops' started by SuperDyl, May 18, 2017.

  1. SuperDyl

    SuperDyl Well-Known Meeper

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    Finally you get to learn of Meepcraft's newest product: The Warp Book!

    This new product not only lists an almost complete list of all pwarps, it also helpfully ranks them inside of categories to easily find the best Warp for your needs! 4/4 staff members asked would recommend this book to players, especially new ones! The book's categories are as such:

    General Stores - Warps which sell large assortments of different items.
    Specialty Stores - Warps which sell limited items in themes.
    Utility Areas - Warps to special services.
    Gambling Areas - Warps to somewhere where chance is involved.
    Malls - Warps to locations with shops owned by other players.

    The Warp Book is a perfect opportunity for all players:

    Shop owners can buy large quantities at a low price to sell in their shops, just contact SuperDyl with /mail or on the forums @SuperDyl .

    Town staff can use the book as new resident starter kits. Contact @SuperDyl as before!

    Citizens can use this book as a guide to the best pwarps for all shopping, service, and gambling needs!

    The Warp Book is structured with quick information on important information, such as items for sale, services available, price comparisons, and extra information. Each warp is judged according to specific standards to keep rankings fair. The book even compensates for warps to the same location by grouping them in SETs. Each SET will have each pwarp listed for its location and a fancy nickname.

    This page will be updated with information regarding the first edition of The Warp Book.

    Shops which begin selling the book will be listed on this page here:

    Currently, The Warp Book is only available at the Ender Knight Supply Co. found at /pwarp Legend . It's the small obsidian building. Each sells for 1,000.

    It is requested that players do not sell or reproduce the book's information. Freely available for use is this list of Pwarps .
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