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Towny FAQ

Discussion in 'Towny Guides' started by Elijahs123, Aug 20, 2013.

  1. Elijahs123

    Elijahs123 New Meeper

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    This is a quick FAQ that will address most of the questions I see from new players, citizens and mayors in /shout chat on an almost daily basis.
    Newbie Questions

    Q: How do I join a town?
    A: Ask in shoutchat (/shout [message]) if there are any towns accepting residents, or look through shoutchat to find someone advertising their town. They will invite you, at which point you need to type /accept .

    Q: How do I get to my town?
    A: /t spawn

    Q: How do I get a plot?
    A: Most towns will have a few plots up for sale. Ask your mayor where they are, or do some exploring. Plots will generally cost from $500 to $2000, although some towns give away free plots. Once you have the money for a plot, walk on top of it and type /plot claim . It is now yours!

    Q: How do I visit another town?
    A: /t spawn [townname] . This will automatically charge you $10.

    Q: How do I check how much money I have?
    A: /balance , or /bal . This will list your meebles, plain and simple.

    Citizen Questions

    Q: How do I find out who's in my town?
    A: /town or just /t . This will show you a list of town residents as well as some other useful town information like how much money is in the town bank and what your taxes are.

    Q: How do I find out who's online in my town?
    A: /t online . This will list all online players in your town.

    Q: How do I donate to my town?
    A: /t deposit [amount] . You should do this whenever you have spare money as it helps your town to purchase new land and work on public facilities.

    Q: How do I add friends?
    A: /res friend add [playername] . This will add them as your friend and allow them to interact with plots that have permissions set up for friends (read answer below for more info).

    Q: How do I find out what town someone is in, who they're friends with, how much money the have, etc?
    A: Well aren't you a creepy little stalker. Do /res [playername] to bring up their resident page, which will display the relevant information.

    Q: How do I let other people interact with my plot?
    A: What you want is called permissions. The syntax for setting permissions are:

    /plot set perm [on/off]

    /plot set perm [friend/ally/resident/outsider] [on/off]

    /plot set perm [build/destroy/itemuse/switch] [on/off]

    /plot set perm [friend/ally/resident/outsider] [build/destroy/itemuse/switch] [on/off]

    The first command toggles either everyone can do everything on your plot, or no one can do anything on your plot (except for you). In normal circumstances you want /plot set perm off .

    The second command toggles a group of players can do anything or a group of players can do nothing on your plot. The groups are friends, allies, residents and outsiders. For example if I typed /plot set perm resident on , residents of my town would be able to do anything on my plot.

    The third command toggles a specific type of interaction with your plot by anyone or a specific type of interaction with your plot by no one. So for example you can specify that anyone can open doors and flip levers and such on your plot by using /plot set perm switch on .

    The fourth command combines the second and the third. You can specify both a specific group of people and a specific type of interaction. For example, I can allow only my friends to build on my plot by typing /plot set perm friend build on .

    For more information on permissions, check out this guide: http://meepcraft.com/threads/theeditsons-guide-to-towny-perms.690/

    Mayor/Assistant Questions:

    Q: How do I make a town?
    A: Find a place in the towns world that isn't too close to other towns, then type /town new [townname] . Note that this costs $100,000 and you are recommended to have at least $300,000 before starting a town.

    Q: How do I add people to my town?
    A: /t add [playername] . They will be asked to either accept or deny this invitation. Also, you can do /t toggle open to make it so that players can join your town without an invitation. They must simply type /t join [townname] and they will be able to join without your invitation.

    Q: How do I set taxes?
    A: /t set taxes [amount] . This amount is charged automatically from each resident every 24hrs and goes directly into the town bank.

    Q: How do I claim new land for my town?
    A: /t claim while standing on a wilderness chunk adjacent to a town chunk. This costs $50 and adds $75 to your town's daily upkeep.

    Q: How do I set my town's spawn?
    A: First, make sure you are on your town's homeblock. If you want your spawn to be on another plot then go to that plot and type /t set homeblock . Then type /t set spawn in the location on the homeblock you want players to spawn at.

    -Edited by nasapc123 on 11/20/2013 to update town prices
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 20, 2013
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  2. PuckMiner

    PuckMiner Popular Meeper

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  3. funkyrainbows

    funkyrainbows Double Rainbow

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    This will help lots of noobs!
  4. Pimish02

    Pimish02 Popular Meeper

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    I agree!
  5. Jim

    Jim New Meeper

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    thanks for great guide.
  6. nasapc123

    nasapc123 Popular Meeper

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    I would also suggest the /plot clear command for mayors - clearing permission based signs that cannot be removed, also /plot set reset to turn an embassy or shop back to a normal plot and reset plot permissions/toggles.

    Other than that great guide :)
  7. funkyrainbows

    funkyrainbows Double Rainbow

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    I suggest adding /towny map and /towny time.
  8. Yao

    Yao Meeper

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    why does NOONE know this
    /g is the same as /shout
  9. Jdude5786

    Jdude5786 Popular Meeper

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    Quick Question. Does the /t set plottax command work? I turned off my taxes and turned on my plottax but it seemed that the server did not take any money from my citizens at that point. Is there only a per town member tax on this server?
  10. KayKay2J

    KayKay2J Active Meeper

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    How do you check history of deposits and that in your town?
  11. twomoo1119

    twomoo1119 Popular Meeper

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    Ask clue
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