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Discussion in 'Rules' started by Cooleysworld, Jan 30, 2015.

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    All rules stated within the Global rules also apply to the Towny server. Towny has additional rules that you must abide by on the Towny server.

    By joining the MeepCraft Minecraft Server, accessing the MeepCraft Forum, accessing the ts.meepcraft.com TeamSpeak, or accessing the MeepCraft.com Donation page, you agree to abide by these rules and follow staff requests.

    Rules for Towny player

    1. Griefing / Theft

    You may not alter any building, plot or town that does not belong to you without consent. Alterations include but are not limited to:
    • Placing or destroying blocks
    • Taking items from any container
    • Placing or dropping any unwanted items in hoppers
    • Spawning unwanted animals or mobs
    • Claiming a plot without the consent of the mayor (Unless otherwise stated in the town rules)
    • Using your Mayor or Assistant powers to commit any crime
    • Breaking blocks on your plot, and making it look unpleasant before leaving the town
      • If you decide to leave a town and/or the server, you must leave your plot the way you received it unless you receive the consent of the mayor to do otherwise
    2. Traps
    Any trap in the towny server with the intention to harm and/or kill another player violates this rule. You may not have:
    • Any redstone device that, once activated, harms a player
    • A town spawn that does not allow for safe entry/exit
    • Large holes that are not properly secured
    • Trapping portals or making portals unsafe in the nether or end
    3. Trespassing

    Trespassing is the act of entering private property without permission. The plot must have no access with standard access with standard permissions unless otherwise stated by signs. Alternatively, a player can be asked to leave and if they do not, it is considered trespassing. To prevent trespassing, one can toggle their town to private or close off their plot with all perms off. Illegal grinder usage also falls under trespassing. The grinder must be closed off and have clearly posted signs stating who is or isn’t allowed to use the grinder. If the grinder is open and no signs are placed, then it will not be considered trespassing until they are asked to leave. If you do not want certain people to enter your town/plot, place a sign in a visible location in relation to that town/plot.

    4. Toggling PvP
    If someone is on your property you reserve the right to ask them to leave. If they do not, then you may toggle PVP after these conditions have been met:
    • You must give them 3 warnings, 15 seconds or more apart before toggling PvP
    • You must allow the adequate time to leave as well as a clear definition of where they're not allowed
    • The player is not AFK
    • You must take screenshots of the warnings
    5. Personal PvP Arenas
    Personal PvP arenas follow the same rules as those in the Terrarium. The exceptions are:
    • Poison potions are allowed
    • Camping is allowed
    • Logging will not be enforced in personal arenas
    Note: any other rules you would like out of your PVP arena must be clearly stated on signs (eg: disallowing /dis, /fix, /heal)

    Rules for Mayors / Town Staff

    All towny rules apply for Mayors and all other town staff, in addition to:

    1. Town Rules

    You must have rules clearly written at your /t spawn and the actions you take upon violating these rules. You must have evidence that they committed the infraction.

    Any changes to the rule require a 7 day notice, and/or those rules do not take effect for 7 days after the alteration

    2. Town Taxes
    Tax rules that towns must follow:
    • A town that charges a tax must have the tax prices visible by signs at the town spawn
    • Town taxes may not be change under any circumstances without a 7 day warning of the change and a clearly public note on the amount it is being changed to. Failure to do this will result in a very serious ban.
    • If you have more residents than plots claimed in your town, you cannot charge a residential tax, but can charge a plot, embassy, or shop tax
    • Residents must be given a 7 day warning before any tax increases
    • Changing a player’s plot type to a higher tax bracket is considered increasing taxes, and requires a 7 day warning. The exception to this is if the town rules already detail how, when, and why they will do this (For example: If a resident is inactive 14 days, their plot will be switched to embassy or shop, which can have a higher tax)

    3. Kicking Residents

    When kicking a resident, here are the guidelines for how mayors should do so:
    • Inactivity Kick - If a player is inactive for 14 days or more then no warning is necessary for player removal
    • For General Removal (No rule violation) - If a player has committed no violation of towny rules, or your town’s rules, then a 7 day warning is necessary with a /mail to the player, and a sign on their plot is optional
    • For Rule Violation - If a player has violated a towny rule, or your town’s rule, you can kick them according to the way described in your /t spawn with signs. If no signs are present, a 7 day warning must be given
    • Players with a tempban - If a player has a tempban, then you must give them a 7 day warning after their ban has expired. The warning must be done with /mail, and a sign on their plot optional
    • Players with a Perm ban - If a player has been permanently banned. You must wait for an admin to review the plots before you can take them back. If the ban is reduced to a tempban, you must give them a 7 day warning after the ban was expired. If the player is unbanned, you must give them a 7 day warning.
    4. Settling and Expanding

    When expanding or starting your town, you must follow the following rules:
    • You are not allowed to settle or expand within 3 plots of another town without the approval of the mayor of the town you want to expand near, this includes outposts. You are allowed to claim a plot within 3 plots for 24 hours for raiding purposes. The exception are plots existing prior Jan 19th, 2014
    • You must have consent to surround another town on 3 sides or more, even if you are abiding by the 3 plot rule
    • You are not allowed to devalue or harass another town by creating visually offending structures, signs, or anything else deemed to be made for purpose of harassment/annoyance
    5. Towny Deletion
    A town may NOT be deleted under any circumstances unless the town has no members in the town or all member of the town were warned of the deletion 14 days previously using the message board. An honest attempt to contact town members must also occur. Removing money from bank to cause a town to fall is also prohibited.

    6. Relationship between Mayor and Co-Mayor
    The Mayor and Co-Mayor are equal in rank within the town, the co-mayor not needing permission for actions such as, but not limited to:
    • /t claim
    • /t unclaim
    • /t withdraw
    • Alteration to any property in town possession
    • Removal or usage of any item on town property
    The exception to this rule is in cases where the action taken by co-mayor puts the town at risk of falling. When withdrawing, a co-mayor must leave a minimum of 7 days worth of upkeep in the town, if the town falls, the co-mayor will be held responsible for the situation. Also prohibited is the act of joining a town as staff with the only intention to grief/steal and will be considered scamming. All other mayor and co-mayor disputes will not be moderated.


    If you feel you have been wrongly banned, feel free to file a ban appeal where a staff member other than the one who banned you will review the case.

    If you see anyone committing any violation of any rule, please take necessary screenshots and post under Report a Player or file a /modreq in game.

    If you are banned, you may not use any alternate account to get around a ban. Forum ban appeals can be appealed using the form.

    MeepCraft Staff reserves the right to use good judgement for punishments and ban lengths, along with combined infractions. Lying to a staff member will also result in a harsher punishment.

    This rules list cannot possibly hope to cover all instances of behavior that is detrimental to the servers or community, thus the MeepCraft Staff reserves the right to warn, kick, or ban players deemed to be detrimental as well as the right to form new rules when needed. Admins also reserve the right to reset player data as needed.
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