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Viperfan17 - Ban Appeal

Discussion in 'Accepted' started by Ban_Appeal, Aug 11, 2018.

  1. Ban_Appeal

    Ban_Appeal New Meeper

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    Member Name

    In-Game Name(s): Viperfan17

    What kind of ban are you appealing? In-game, Forum, Discord

    Forum Account Name(s): Viperfan17

    Discord Name: Viperfan17#6932

    Alternative Contact Method: just use discord

    When you were banned: 7 or 8 months now??

    Why were you banned? you already know

    Why we should consider your appeal: here we go again.
    I got banned awhile ago for exploiting halo and making alot of money from it when it was my first time doing it and I've said time and time again I'm sorry for it and I still am. I've played minecraft a couple times after the whole evade ordeal but other servers are just garbage, so I've mostly just been spending my time on fivem and my god those people are so much more strict than minecraft servers. So I've been getting used to how those people act on there and I believe I could come back with that same attitude and won't exploit/misbehave again. I apologize for every wrong I've done on this server, especially the killfarming. I wasn't realizing the actual consequence it can hold and now I know. I just want to be able to come back and PvP again in terrarium since that is what I was mainly doing beforehand. I wont have a town to worry about since my last one is griefed to hell so even if I wanted to exploit again I'd have no reason to. It’s like way back when I used to hack, I don’t do it now cuz there's no reason to it, it just kills your reputation and tells others that you’re garbage when back then I really didn’t care. Everybody says my history is extensive but really if you look at it it’s just hacking related. This is my first time doing exploitation and I don't plan on doing it again. I just hope the staff would actually believe me for the one time I’m being serious on this. If you guys still don't want me in-game, then atleast consider letting me back into the forums and discord, since for one I did nothing wrong in either of those and two I have no reason to be toxic to other players so it won’t happen. Thank you for reading this and I hope that this time you guys could take this into consideration.

    Please give any other information you might think is useful for us to know:
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  2. CluelessKlutz

    CluelessKlutz Badmin Staff Member Administrator

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    Accepted and denied.

    We have decided to unban you on forums and Discord. If you can consistently show an improvement, we may revisit in-game at a later date. Welcome back.

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