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Windmill Build for Town's Public Farms

Discussion in 'Architecture' started by ThecrazyJJ, Apr 16, 2017.

  1. ThecrazyJJ

    ThecrazyJJ Well-Known Meeper

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    Hey Meepers, JJProductions ('ThecrazyJJ) here, and this time I have a medieval windmill build that would look perfect next to your town farms. If you want to know how to make this awesome build watch my tutorial / cinematic video over on Youtube! Here it is:

    As always, if you enjoyed the video or found it useful please be sure to show some support over on Youtube by leaving a like, comment, and perhaps even a subscription.

    Alternatively, check out some additional pictures and the world download over at my Planet Minecraft projects page. You can find that here:

    Marvelous Medieval Windmill Minecraft Project

    If you have an account you can show some support there too by diamonding the post.

    And, as always, have a great day and Happy Easter if you're celebrating!

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